May 24, 2024

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How to prepare both mental and physical for CFA Mock test?

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The CFA exam period is something most people associate with stress and it is often the exam itself that is the biggest challenge. In order to have the best possible CFA exam experience, it is important to prepare well. Firstly, one should prepare mentally, and secondly, one should prepare physically. The latter involves, among other things, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and eating healthy so that both the head and the body are ready for the exam. Meeting well-prepared will help lower the stress level of the CFA exam. There is also a lot you can do on the actual CFA exam day to reduce stress. 

  • Have control over everything practical

Before leaving home, double check that you have packed all the necessary equipment in your backpack. Remember to bring identification, food and drink, blue or black pen, PC and charger, and any other necessary equipment and permitted aids. Which equipment you need depends on whether you have a regular written exam or digital exam.

  • Food and drink

It is important to bring something to eat and drink with you to the exam. You can not take anything eatable or consumable with you to the CFA exam hall. With a desire for more energy and a more pleasant experience, many students choose to bring caffeinated and sugary drinks and goodies of various kinds. However, this may work against its purpose. Sugar and caffeine give us energy by increasing the body’s levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is produced naturally in the body and it is released in response to stress. Moderate amounts of cortisol will give us energy and sharpen our attention so that we can master new challenges.

  • Use your time well

Time is an important factor on exam day and how you use it will greatly affect your stress level. First, you should show up well in advance. Then you have time to register and find your place at your place for a while before the CFA exam starts. CFA Mock test helps you prepare your examination and also helps in time management. It gives you the opportunity to calm down, make clearly necessary equipment and orient yourself. In addition, you will receive all important information that is given orally before the exam. 

  • Be present

On exam day, you often have a lot of thoughts swirling in your head and it can help to focus on being present in the moment. A great deal of stress and unrest is due to thoughts about the past and future. Maybe you think back on the lack of mastery experiences in the subject or worry about what grade you will get. To experience peace, it is important to be mentally and physically connected in the same place. Therefore, try to concentrate only on the task at hand and put away worries and demotivating thoughts.

  • Let stress be something positive

A lot of stress on exams can seem disruptive and make you unable to perform optimally. But even if stress is unpleasant, it is not necessarily negative. Stress is actually a natural reaction that is meant to help you. It is therefore not appropriate to try to avoid stress. But it may be okay to use different strategies that help you regulate and reduce the amount of stress so that you can use it constructively.

Ready – Done – Exam

Stress is a natural and probably inevitable part of the CFA exam period, every CFA aspirant face. It is therefore not about avoiding stress, but rather knowing methods to reduce and regulate stress so that you can use it for something positive.