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Steps to Take Immediately After A Car Accident In Lowa

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Car Accident In Lowa

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A plethora of car accidents happen in Iowa every year, and the experience of being in one can be really traumatic and severely affects the physical and mental health of a person.

Everyone must be well aware of what needs to be done after being in an unfortunate car accident to protect safety, preserve rights, and make sure the claim process goes smoothly.

The best way to proceed with the claim process is to look for a personal injury attorney through a website and let a professional handle the case. Let us now look at what steps must be taken after a car accident.

  • Ensure Safety

The foremost priority of anyone in an accident must be making sure that everyone is safe and not injured. If it is a minor accident and the car is still drivable, put it to the side of the road so that there are no further collisions and turn the hazard lights on to alert the other vehicles passing by.

  • Call Emergency Services

Even if the accident is minor, it is highly advised to call 911 and report the accident. The responders will provide needed medical care and document the whole accident scene.

The police report will be of utmost importance when taking legal action and making insurance claims. Make sure to stick to the facts and do not speculate anything about the reason for the accident.

  • Exchange Information

The contact details and insurance information must be exchanged with the driver at fault. Avoid having a discussion about the fault and apologising to the other person because it can be used against you in the future.

  • Document the Scene

The accident scene needs to be thoroughly documented because it can be of great help for the insurance claim. If someone witnessed the accident, get contact information and ask if the witnesses are willing to testify or give statements, if needed.

  • Seek Medical Attention

Even if someone feels the injuries are minor, it is highly suggested that they get proper medical care because some injuries seem minor but turn severe later. The medical records can be of great value, too.

  • Notify Your Insurance Company

The accident must be reported to the insurance company as early as possible. Provide all facts, accumulated documents, and the number of police reports.

  • Keep a Record and Avoid Social Media

All documents and records accumulated related to the accident must be kept and maintained to support the claim. Do not post anything related to the accident on social media because such posts can be used to weaken the claim.


Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

A professional attorney can help you negotiate with insurance companies, protect your rights, and get you fairly compensated for the loss and suffering.