July 10, 2024

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15 Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangkok

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is already thriving in Bangkok, where one can find numerous agencies that can contribute to the success of a business. Whether you are a small business within a specific location or a global company, selecting the right digital marketing agency is essential.

Below is the list of Bangkok’s 15 most popular digital marketing agencies that may meet your needs:

  1. Primal

Primal is an SEO company and digital marketing agency specializing in providing superior performance to its clients. Its services include SEO, PPC, SMM, and content marketing.

2. Midas PR

Midas PR provides integrated communication solutions by merging public relations with digital marketing. They provide content creation, social media strategy, and online reputation management services, which makes them a versatile agency for complete brand promotion.

  1. Digital Distinct

Digital Distinct has a reputation for being one of the most experienced and effective digital marketing companies. They also have extensive service offerings customized to suit the individual client’s needs.

  1. Vault Mark

Vault Mark offers integrated online marketing solutions to increase business sales and profits. They are proficient in search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and social media marketing.

  1. Yes Web Design Studio

Yes Web Design Studio is an SEO company. They are also a digital marketing, and website design company.

  1. Asia Media Studio

Asia Media Studio offers graphic design solutions and efficient Internet promotion techniques. They offer Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, and Social Media Marketing.

  1. Brand Now

Brand Now offers PR and digital marketing solutions. They aim to develop effective campaigns that help increase brand visibility and interaction.

  1. MVM Infotech

MVM Infotech specializes in SEO and PPC and is a web development company that provides digital marketing solutions. They have a reputation for developing unique solutions and tending to individual customers.

  1. Siam SEO

Thus, Siam SEO is committed to assisting companies in achieving their goals for Search Engine Optimization services. They also provide PPC and social media advertising services.

  1. iProspect

iProspect is an experienced digital marketing agency in Bangkok, specializing in SEO, PPC, and data analytics for tailored local marketing campaigns.

  1. Andaman SEO

The Andaman SEO can provide complete SEO solutions specific to the Thai market. SEE and MOB are concerned with the ranking on search engines and inbound traffic.

  1. Marketing Bangkok

Marketing Bangkok is an SEO & PPC, and social media marketing company targeting the Bangkok region. They are also recognized for their tactical planning and for producing all the calculated plans that the company needs to implement.

  1. Smart Traffic

Smart Traffic is a company that is in the business of search engine optimization and pay-per-click services. This company employs various techniques and approaches that are anchored on the use of data to transform the online marketing posture of any business to achieve desired objectives.


WECREATE possesses creativity in design and the possibility of developing online marketing strategies. They operate in website design, search engine optimization, and social networking.

  1. Lexicon

Lexicon MMS offers most of the digital marketing services. It focuses on storytelling and brand building, plus content marketing, SMM, and SEO.

Selecting a suitable agency to advertise your business is crucial in any field, especially digital ones. The agencies listed above are some of the best in Bangkok and can provide a wide range of services and professional assistance in marketing strategy.