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Guide to On-Page And Off-Page SEO

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Guide to On-Page and Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO Services :

The first approach is the on-page SEO which involves all the work that is done on the live website, this is done to ensure a webpage will rank on a Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), and by using this you can also determine how good that webpage ranks. It uses both technical elements and content to improve the quality of a page. So basically the more SEO you do on the webpage, the traffic on your website will increase and all the visitors will be relevant on your site.

The first thing that on-page SEO includes is the title tags which are HTML elements that is used to give the webpage a certain name. The name given to webpage gets displayed on SERPS as a clickable result. Each title tag/ webpage name should be unique, should have the glimpse of the page created, optimized with a keyword and under 65 words in length.

The second thing that on-page SEO includes is the headings which are also the HTML elements and it gives titles to your content, and the headings should be in H1 format for the better results. The headings written should only focus on relevant and should contain descriptive words. In the process to break your content, you can use subheadings (H2 through H6) by following the exact practices, but do not duplicate keywords or phrases throughout the post.

On Page SEO Checklist 2020

  • SERP Research
  • Keyword Research On-Page SEO
  • Short, Descriptive URLs
  • Clean Title Tags
  • H1 H2 H3 H4 Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Relevant, Longform Content
  • Use Modifiers in Your Titles and Keywords
  • Use Multimedia
  • Video Optimization
  • Image Alt Tags & Descriptions
  • Add Internal Links
  • Schema Markup
  • Questions and Include FAQs
  • User Reviews
  • Mobile-First Indexing

Off-Page SEO Servives

Off-Page SEO

Just as the keyword stuffing used to be an acceptable practice which is gone a long way from where it started and also the trading of spam backlinks to increase the ranking of the page is also blocked. The search engines have been very generous to these practices for a short period of time. Now by placing these kinds of things on your page is penalized.

Even though the search engine considers the quality and number of backlinks on your webpage (also includes the referring backlinks). The quality is considered much more important than the number. As we all know that the quality backlinks stand as the backbone of an off-page SEO technique, there are many other ways from which you can increase site authority.

One way of doing off-page SEO is by adding your company to internet directories and local listings, which includes sites like Google My Business, Yellow Pages, etc. Once you have added the listing make all the information given is accurate and relevant to your site. best SEO services in Karachi Pakistan