June 23, 2024

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Wikipedia- One of Greatest Content Marketing Platform in the Contemporary Times

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Well, this is the world of digitalization and everything we contemplate upon nowadays is done through technological mediums. Not to forget that some of the fields are entirely changed by this revolution and to be in the top of this list we have the field of marketing. It is too wide to cover the entire revolution of marketing in just one blog thus we here will only talk about a platform. Wikipedia, a website that we all know about was launched in 2001 as an online encyclopedia. But in just a few years it was looked like a potential content marketing platform that can bring a number of things to the table for the marketers. Here are a few of those benefits that made people interested in marketing through this platform.

  1. Increased Reach

How does it sound to you that you can reach a million people in just one go? Well, for sure this might sound like a dream coming true to the marketers. This is what Wikipedia has to offer to you. The website is one of the most visited websites in the world due to rich content and it has got around 50 million visitors regularly. This is the best idea to create awareness about your brand in an instant.

  • You Can Keep a Record of Your Visitors

Wikipedia is not just about posting and moving on but it can bring you things that might make you able to strategize for the future as well. One of the greatest features of Wikipedia is that it lets you access to the visitors of the page and you can see the demographics details of the same. This is how you can strategize the content for Wikipedia or possibly can work on future content marketing strategies. If you are not able to this there are a number of Wikipedia page creation agencies that can let you work on this.

  • SEO Backlinking

Well, what you try to do with content marketing is to convert the readers into your customers. This is how it works and one of the strategies of the same is SEO. SEO is to cater a call to action through which you can create a conversion or your homepage or desired website. This is a feature that has been offered by Wikipedia. It lets you use this SEO strategy on the platform and make the conversions on the homepage to be increased.

  • You Can Update It Whenever You Want.

Most of the content marketing platforms do not allow you to update the content once posted but not Wikipedia. It lets you edit the content and update it whenever you want and that in opinions of most of the marketers is a great feature to keep the target market updated and make them able to consider the developments in the brand or business. This is thought to be a great idea to keep the connection with the target market and let them know about the product or the brand.

These 4 things are more than enough to keep your content marketing to be done and done with some effective results. So are you planning to get a Wikipedia page now?