May 29, 2024

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Why Hiring An Agency Is Better Than Hiring An Intern?

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While the answer may seem obvious to us, we do know that the choice is not always so clear to everyone.

As a brand, you know you want to increase your reach, connections, customers, and influence. So, you come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun.


What is an Apprentice?

An intern is a developing professional who works in a company for a short period of time in order to gain entry level experience and knowledge about a particular career field. Interns are often college students, although other adults can also be interns, especially if they are changing careers or pursuing higher education degrees.  As a trainee, you learn about the day-to-day operations of a company, Melbourne digital marketing agency  department, or position to learn about career paths with less commitment.


These benefits of hiring an intern can motivate you to start an internship program:


1-New perspectives on organizational matters.  Interns challenge the “the way we’ve always done it” mentality and bring fresh, fresh ideas into the company.  Interns are good at the investigative process and can often find a better way to do things that a manager can’t.


2-Ease of use with technology.  Social media, computer programs, iPads – these are a piece of cake for young professionals. And, even if you’re a young entrepreneur, you can always use the hand of a fellow Gen Y tech savvy professional.


3-  It is a time of trial and error.  An internship is a great way to see how much potential a student or recent graduate has in the field.  You’ll see their skills and work ethic as an intern – and you can choose to bring them online as a paid employee.


 4- Help with projects or tasks that you are struggling to accomplish.  An aspiring candidate takes an internship in the hope of gaining something to use in his / her resume or future interviews. Give them real, meaningful work that will help your organization run more smoothly, do more, or be more successful. Just make sure you do not violate the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which states that “the employer providing the training does not receive any immediate benefit from the activities of the apprentice, and sometimes the employer  Could be disrupted. ”


5- Get a brand lawyer.  Hiring an intern can help spread the word about your company – whether you mean it or not.  If you are an influential internship supervisor and mentor, your interns will talk about their experience with colleagues, friends, and family members, primarily advertising for your organization (but it’s free  !)


What does a typical internship offer?

Internships can be part-time or full-time and provide practical experience in the field you choose. Some internships involve light administrative responsibilities, although they are usually less than half of your duties. Internships often have qualifications and preferences, such as job applications. For example, an internship may be open to those who are pursuing a special degree or have at least a grade average.


Most offer standard internship placements:

* Intentional learning objectives

*  Supervised by a professional with relevant work experience in the field

* Continuous observation, evaluation and feedback for development

*  Personal development, hard and soft skills development and educational development



With such great benefits, we understand that hiring an intern is clearly worth the effort. Be careful though: it’s not about getting rid of cheap labor or the tedious workload of your admin. Unless you take the time to train and guide, it will all be over. To ensure a positive experience, set clear goals for your interns and take the time to make sure they leave with new skills to start their career.