February 8, 2023

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Why are American medical schools an attractive option for Canadian students?

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Attending medical school is the culmination of many years of studies, hard work, grit and resilience. This itself is not just an opportunity but a challenge because medicine is not only a hard field of study but also an expensive one too.

Countless hours of studying, sleepless nights, tons of studying materials and balancing life is impossible. Studying medicine can also result in burnouts, something no one is ever able to do easily. Yet, studying medicine is an incredible opportunity regardless of whether the students are American, Canadian, Belizean, Mexican, Australian or Irish.

For Canadian students, there are a wholesome number of fantastic options for studying medicine in Canada. However, there are students who are not only interested in studying medicine in the best Caribbean medical school but also dream of studying medicine in the United States of America.

Canadian students at times find it difficult to study medicine in Canada due to numerous reasons other than Canada’s chilly weather.

WHy do Canadian students wish to study medicine outside Canada?

Some Canadian students wish to explore and select from among the numerous medical schools present in the United States, Caribbean, Oceania and the European Union. Out of these options, American medical schools have the most appeal. Let us now see the reasons why.

Canadian medical students who are applying to American medical schools (or intend to do so) should read this article to learn more about the process, the challenges involved and the opportunities present when it comes to studying abroad.

Why are American medical schools an attractive option for Canadian medical students?

Each student from various nations around the world (including Canadians) are fans of American medical education. Regardless of the standing of the American healthcare system, American medical education is among the best in the world.

In fact, numerous educational publications rank American medical schools as among the topmost in the world, and the top five medical schools in the world are American. Some are of the opinion that American medical education programs deserve not just the top five but top 10 spots in the world ranking for medical schools.

This may be another reason why applicants seeking to study in American medical schools through seeking admissions need to have a classy academic record, top-notch MCAT scores among a host of many other things.

American medical graduates earn a lot more than others

One of the most common reasons medical students wish to be accepted to an American medical school is the prospect of getting higher pay upon graduation. That’s right, regardless of their geographical location, American medical graduates earn more than others.

A general practitioner in the United States earns more than USD$ 200,000 per year and specialists make more than that in the year. Despite the fact that the United States healthcare system ranks behind Europe and is quite expensive for many Americans, the medical education of the United States is competitive, advanced, innovative and of course, top of the line.

Working in the industry is quite profitable, especially for those working in the field of public health.

Accreditation and recognition to work with ease in the UNited States and Canada

Graduating from a competent American medical school (after acceptance) will automatically accredited graduates to work in the United States with ease. This indicates that successful graduates from stateside programs will eventually be able to compete for well-paying clinical and medical jobs in the United States.

For those who are interested in helping others whilst learning at top-notch academic institutions as well as getting paid to do it, attending a top-notch American medical school is itself quite a tempting option.

Ability to do residency in the United States of America

Another reason Canadian medical students wish to study medicine in the United States is the opportunity to do residency in the United States. That is right; upon completion of a four-year program, the prospective physicians will first need to complete a residency which can take anywhere between two and seven years.

The amount of time residents spend in residency depends upon their field of specialization. Someone specializing in family medicine may only need 2 years in residency while graduates specializing in surgery can spend up to seven years as a resident.

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