May 24, 2024

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Textile customization with sewing or gluing patches

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military patches

Specializing in embroidery, Main Gauche offers high-quality badges, pennants, patches, coats of arms and patronymic bands to sew or heat-seal. The personalized embroidered badge allows you to personalize any type of textile. Our badges, pennants and bars are aimed at many companies, communities and sports clubs. Main Gauche specializes in the manufacture of embroidered patches to stick on. Our creative teams take care of converting your logos and visuals into an embroidery file. You can therefore send your logo as a JPG, GIF or PDF file without any problem.

custom embroideries

Customize embroidered badges for key steps

  • Digitization of the visual to be embroidered.
  • Preparation of necessary wires and machines.
  • Installation of the textile supporting the badge.
  • Embroidery of the prototype in-house.
  • Launch of production.

Cutting the badges and preparing the expedition

“For our veterans association, we ordered 90 embroidered badges. We loved the ease of contact between the Main Gauche teams and us. They took the time to explain all the subtleties of the badges. The quality is there , without surprise.

How much does it cost to create custom embroidered badges?

This textile personalization technique allows a very precise color rendering with the finesse of the embroidery stitch. However, production and delivery times can be long.

All our badges are embroidered in our workshop in Montpellier using a machine at the cutting edge of technology allowing quality embroidery. The Main Gauche badges have a quality fabric base and the threads used come from the world leader in thread making, Madeira. The embroidered patches are washable up to 90 ° C and respect the commitments of Main Gauche for the environment.