May 29, 2024

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Steps For How To Clean Office Air Exertion System In A Better Way

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Here are air conditioner cleaning steps to make your ac system smell fresh and new. In this article, we will know about the benefits of cleaning and disinfecting air conditioners and how this can be done properly.

To hire servicing and maintaining your air conditioning system is the best way to ensure it functions efficiently for a long time. A badly maintained AC system with bent cooling fins and uncleaned coils can discomfort in the long run.

You can save money and extra effort which you utilize on cleaning also you can keep your home smelling fresh and new by contacting a cleaning company in Dubai for AC maintenance. They will assign an expert AC technician to service your AC system. There are numerous positive gains to be gotten from investing in AC cleaning asides from the benefits.

  1. Before starting cleaning collect some cleaning material or tool which must during cleaning.

– Here are some common tools for Ac duct cleaning


Leather glove for insulation

Vacuum cleaner

Garden hose

Dust brush and cleaning rags

Fin comb

Commercial coil cleaner

Fan motor oil

Gather these tools for making work easier. After arranging these you can start cleaning by following the steps given below.

  1. Turn off the light by simply flipping a switch or disconnecting the main electric source before strat cleaning to prevent accidents and minimize damage to sensitive components.
  2. Now begin by removing the plastic panel in front of the room air conditioner to check for any fastenings to the wall. Next, slides the unit from the window or wall, this is a delicate process that may require more than one person to accomplish. Because some window AC units are installed with decorative frames and that will take more time to remove.
  3. Over time, the outside facing side of the AC unit can bend fragile fins leading to matted areas. So it is necessary to straighten the bent fins by using a fin comb. First, match the right fin comb size, and then slides the comb into an area before the mat for straightening pull it up.
  4. Depending on when you cleaned your AC system last time, you may have a buildup of dirt on and around the condenser coil. The cleaning experts can get rid of this using a vacuum cleaner or dusting brush so the space around the coil is dirt free.
  5. Now it’s time to clean out the unit using a commercial AC coil cleaner or household cleaning material. Use sprays of the cleaning agent across the entire surface of the evaporator and condenser coils. Wait for a bit for the solution to work. By using brushes heavy buildups can be washed away.
  6. In the final step clean the blower fan using a household cleaner and up the electric motor oil. Finally, clean the air filters and reinstalls the AC system. Hence when you turn on ac after applying these steps you will notice a significant rise in cooling performance.