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Important Parts of Water Purifier

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Is your family planning to buy a new water purifier? Then you are on the right page. Drinking pure water is a necessity as the human body is made up of 80 percent of water. If you want to stay healthy, you need to drink pure water. In recent times, due to heavy pollution in the natural water resources, you need to install water purifiers in your home. In this article,  let us discuss the important parts of water purifier – RO model.

The RO water purifier removes dust, impurities to give clean and safe water for drinking.

Parts of Water Purifier

A. Water supplier connector

As the name suggests, it connects with the source of house water to the RO purifier. It comes with the adaptor by which you can connect the RO to the supply valves.

B. Carbon filter for removing chlorine

Normal water comes with so much dirt, impurities, and harmful chemicals. You need an RO system that can remove all impurities from the water. If the water is chlorinated, then the membrane will need a replacement soon.

C. Sediment Filter

It removes the sediment, dirt, and silt from the water. Most RO systems use Sediment filter to remove particulate matter. You need to replace the filter every 8-9 months.

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D. Check valve

You can find this valve at the end of the membrane housing. If this valve is not properly installed, then the process does not get shut down properly, even if the tank is full. Without flowing backward, the check valve helps the water to flow in one direction. They are self-automated and don’t require any assistance.

E. Auto shut off valve

It controls the water supply to the RO membrane. It reduces the wastage of water by closing the valve automatically when the tank gets full. It is designed for checking the

pressure of water. It indicates the needed or extra water flow.

F. Faucets

These days, the RO water purifier comes with Non-Air Gap Model faucets. It is fitted with the storage tank of the RO. Make sure that the screws and nuts are perfectly tightened. Otherwise, water may get leaked from these places.

G. RO Membrane

RO Membrane is one of the most important parts of every RO system. The RO membrane helps in removing all microorganisms, chemicals and dirt particles that are not being fully removed by the sediment filter. The clean water goes to the storage tank and the left wastewater goes to the drain pipe. It is mandatory to replace the RO membrane every 90 to 120 days.

H. UV Disinfection System

It is an optional component of the RO system. For purifying water, it uses UV radiation lights. It helps in removing viruses and bacteria from the water.

I. Flow Restrictor

This part of water purifier in the RO model holds the responsibility to restrict the flow of the drain line. It is recommended to replace the flow restrictor within a specific period for the optimal performance of the RO system. You can check the manual of the manufacturer for more details.

J. Storage Tank

The RO storage tank can hold 2-4 gallons of water. Pressurized storage tank gives pure water after every purifying method gets completed. When you open the faucet, it causes air pressure to make the water flow outside the model.

K. Drain Line

This part gets included among the important parts of water purifier. The drain line is utilized to discard the water containing impurities and microorganisms etc. Please note, this is water rejected by the RO membrane.

L. Pre-filter

The water that comes from the water supply line, first it will approach the RO filter. These pre-filters removes the dirt, salt and other impurities from the water. The same

water is then sent for other filtration processes.

M. Post filter

Before the water comes to RO faucet, it passes through the post filter. It is a carbon filter, which removes the odor and gives 100% pure water.

N. Pressure booster pump

The water pressure required for the RO system is around 4 bars. It all depends on the municipal water supply. Sometimes, it happens the water supply is too low. It may cause damage to your RO system. Have you installed a pressure booster pump in your RO system? Then, even if the water pressure is low, it gives the required speed to balance the process.

O. Recent Technologies and Water Purifiers

Okay, so you read about the parts of water purifiers in this article. Is the recent trend missing? Yes, we understand. The entire world is focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart home, and home automation. So, how can the manufacturers of RO water purifiers be far behind? You can find various types of smart water purifiers in the market.

So, what is the difference between a smart RO water purifier model and a normal one? There may be many. For a simple statement, you can describe that in the normal RO model, you may have to do tasks manually. You need to switch on/off to get purified water. In the smart RO model, you can monitor, control the activities with your smartphone. This is an advantage.

Then, if the normal water purifier model has a problem, you will get to know about the repair only after the signs. The purifier water may be muddy or it may have an odor. In the future smart RO water purifier models, you may have features named as Smart Diagnosis or Predictive Maintenance. This feature will send a message to your mobile in case, a specific part needs maintenance service or there is a need to fix a simple problem. Now, you can call this feature a great advantage – the reason you will get to know problems beforehand.

Examples of Smart RO water purifiers

  • Livpure smart RO water purifier model
  • OCEO smart water purifier


Did you go through the article of parts of water purifier – RO model? Hope that the content may help you buy the right RO water purifier model. And after making the purchase, do not forget to keep the manual of the appliance in proper condition. The reason, it will help you to solve minor repairs. And, there are complex problems when you have to hire a technician. For example, the RO membrane gets damaged. What will you do in this situation, if there is no warranty period? If you stay in an urban or capital city of any Indian State, then there is no problem. Are there companies offering doorstep repair services of home appliances in the city? Then it is easy to contact them and make the best water purifier repair expert come to your home to fix the problem (replacing the RO membrane).


Do you find yourself in a similar situation? Has the RO water purifier in your Pune home got damaged? Then, you need to replace the old membrane with a new one. The best way to find the expert for water purifier repair in Pune – is there a way? Check for companies offering handyman services in Pune. Download their mobile application, you can find the best professionals. Now make the booking via the app in less than five minutes. You are also given the option to choose your time and the desired location. You may receive a call from the appliance expert to know about the problem. The reason, when he comes to your home, he needs to bring in his tool or new parts. So, you can fix the problem of the water purifier even though the warranty period has expired.

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