May 29, 2024

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Importance Of Responsive Design?

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Website with responsive design has dominated all the other websites for the past few years, changing the way that many businesses implemented to build their online presence. A website with responsive design is a website that is able to change according to the screen it is being used on, despite of what device it is. The website automatically adjusts on different screens to give the user an enhanced experience while running on their devices and can also give your website several benefits as well as being mentioned in the Google recommendations. It is not easy to keep one site updated and relevant. And upon that trying to keep multiple websites up to date and engaging is even more of a hard work. This is why a website with responsive design is much preferred over other websites for normal displays and mobile screens.

Best Responsive Design Services

The approach of setting the website on mobile screen is commonly known as the mobile-only approach. This is the stage where your website detects whether a visitor is using a mobile device or not and if he is using then redirect them to a different, mobile-friendly version of the website. This is can cause problems for a number of reasons. First off all, you may now have two websites to keep updated, which means that you have just doubled your work. Second, most mobile-only websites feature a small amount of features and content of which is found on the normal website version. As we mentioned in our first point, this feature and content gap between versions of the website will annoy multiple device users who expect the same information across the all the devices they may choose to operate to visit your website. That’s where our responsive web design services come in hand. If you have decided to exclude some of your content for the mobile version, your visitors may decide to abandon your website.

Having only one site to manage will make it much easier to keep that specific website updated. If you build your sites using any platform such as making site on cloud-based platform and then enhance the site’s pixels to make it responsive, then you will be able to control and change your site’s behavior across all the screen sizes across all the devices. A website with responsive design has the ultimate power to improve your site’s user experience regardless of the device being used by the user.

This is the only reason why Google ranks websites that are responsive and not the unresponsive ones. Google has always recommended responsive website design. Websites which are responsive have only one Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and a very similar HTML, which makes it very easy and more effective for Google to index and crawl your website and also organize your site’s content. The content that is published on one site and one URL is easy enough for the visitors to interact with, share and connect to than the web content that is published across different mobile sites.