May 24, 2024

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How To Turn Off Closed Caption On Sling?

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How to enable or disable closed captions on Sling TV

When you’re watching your favorite TV shows You don’t want be unable to watch anything because of inadequate audio or the language barrier. This is the reason why closed captioning is essential. How do you enable closed captioning on the Sling TV?

The process of enabling or deactivating Sling TV subtitles varies slightly according to the streaming device you’re using. Find out the various ways of disabling or enabling subtitles in Sling TV.

How do I enable or disable closed captions in Sling TV

Use these instructions to turn on closed captions to be used:

  • Start Sling TV and then click on the show you want to watch.
  • When it begins to play Once it has started playing, you can launch player control bar. players control bar
  • Turn to the right until you come to the CC sign.
  • Click to enable subtitles or click to deactivate it.

Activating Sling closed captions Apple TV

  • Then, launch Sling TV onto Apple TV, your Apple TV player
  • Open to any show
  • Touch your remote to activate the bar of control.
  • Swipe to the left to highlight subtitles
  • Click on to turn it on and Select Off to turn off

When you’re done, swipe to close the menu.

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How do I turn on or off closed captions on Sling TV on Roku

Follow these steps if have a Roku: Roku:

  • Start Sling TV and start streaming your preferred shows
  • Make sure you press”OK” with your Roku remote to activate the control bar.
  • Keep scrolling until you reach your Closed Captions option
  • Click OK to enable

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To disable closed captions for Roku Follow the same procedure, but note that when you click OK, you’ll deactivate subtitles, not activating them.

How do I change the caption language?

You can also alter your color and language and font size of the subtitles that are available on Sling TV.

  • Start Sling TV and go to Settings
  • Scroll down until Closed Captions
  • Visit Service Channels to change the language.

You can use the options available under the menu for closed captions to alter the size, color, or design of subtitles.

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How do you fix the ‘Sling TV closed captions are not working or are not working the error

If closed captions don’t work in Sling TV or if they appear to be damaged, check out the following solutions to fix the issue.

  • Switch off, then switch on closed captioning. Open the control of your player, turn it off and switch on subtitles. If this does not solve the issue, proceed with the following step.
  • Modify the channel In the event that this problem is unique to a specific channel or show, switching to a different channel will show subtitles in a normal manner. If you’ve tried this and found that the problem is only present only on the channel you are using you should get in touch with Sling customer support for assistance.
  • Re-launch Your Sling TV app: Relaunching the app could resolve this issue in certain situations. Be sure that the application isn’t being run in the background when you shut it down. If closed captions won’t function when you relaunch the app, move to the next method.
  • Try using a different gadget: If this issue occurs when streaming on Roku or another device, try other media streaming devices. If it does then your device may be experiencing a problem.