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How To Retain A Customer With Video Marketing

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How To Retain A Customer With Video Marketing

Many companies and freelancers sometimes make mistakes when it comes to applying their efforts in video marketing. Why? Because sometimes they spend too much effort in reaching new customers, when the first thing to do is keep and retain current customers.

That is why we have emphasized in several articles the importance of remarketing and today we are going to explain how you can build customer loyalty with video marketing. If you want to turn your clients into true preachers of your brand and make them repeat your products or never abandon your services … keep reading and we will tell you how you can do it.

Why use video marketing for loyalty?

Once you have a client, you cannot let him escape. Although it seems that when you manage to sell a product or service “you have the job done”, it is not like that. Clients change their minds very quickly; they may find other cheaper solutions or simply abandon you because they don’t think you take sufficient care of them.

The only way to get the customer to be loyal to you is by giving them something that the rest do not. And we assure you that that something can be the strategic marketing video from Event Video Production Company for clients, since almost no small company works on loyalty through video.

Getting a client is very difficult. You spend a budget on advertising , time to talk to him through the mail, telephone or in person, and another part of time to start providing the service or selling the product. What’s the point of wasting all this?

How to start building loyalty through video marketing

Depending on the type of product or service you have many options to retain your customer. Of course, the ones that we present below are more than likely useful for any type of business.


How many times have you had to visit the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) or frequently asked questions section of a product or service? Surely dozens of times. And of all those times we are sure that you have not understood anything, half of them, having to contact the seller at the end to have a question resolved.

Why don’t you create an FAQ with videos? If you have software or any computer program you will only have to record the screen of your computer and explain how to do each thing. In case your product is physical, you can solve the doubts that may arise through different short videos that answer the questions in less than a minute.

You will make life easier for your client, you will make him happy because he will not have to go around looking for the solution to his problem and you will also save time on support calls and customer help.


There are products and services that have so many uses or characteristics that the user himself loses himself within it. Why don’t you show them through a video?  This can be used for something as complicated as billing software such as a clothing store.

For example, imagine that in your online store every time you sell a garment you send a video with different looks with other products from your store that the user can wear with those clothes. You would give him ideas of how to use it, you would be encouraging the sale of other products in your store and you would save him time. A perfect all-in-one for something as simple as a clothing store.

You don’t even need to have an online store. An ordinary neighborhood establishment could use the videos on Instagram or Vine to build customer loyalty in this way.


What if you help your clients by creating small “conferences” that could make them improve their business or their day to day? There are hundreds of companies that have joined the world of webinars and that, for free, offer conferences, talks and sessions with experts to retain their customers.

This type of loyalty through video marketing is becoming a classic in companies that work through the online world. It helps them to position them as experts on a topic and improves the confidence of customers when they see that the company cares about more than just selling its service or product.

Are you going to keep losing customers and money?

These techniques will help you make your customers buy your products not just for what they are, but for what you offer in exchange for them. And also, if you know how to use them, you will be able to generate the advantageous cross-sale (sale of other related products).

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