May 29, 2024

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Hiringuru Review – Explore Hiringuru Feature and Pricing

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What is Hiringguru?

Hiringguru is a premium cloud-based recruitment platform that focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, coupled with innovative features to assist businesses, HR professionals, and recruitment agencies to hire the top talent. 

The platform comes with a simple and intuitive interface, which is easy for users to get used to. The interactive interface of the platform enables businesses and users alike to get started with the Hiringguru features and start onboarding top talent for their businesses.

What differentiates Hiringguru from other recruitment platforms is the innovative and unique approach of the platform that enables businesses & HR professionals to create customize technical testing assessment methodology; rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all solution. Overall, it’s an advanced next-generation recruitment software that empowers recruiters to make the right choices for hiring purposes, while saving them the time and cost of hiring.

Overview of Hiringguru Benefits

Developed with a core vision to empower businesses to identify, engage, evaluate, and hire candidates efficiently, Hiringguru has successfully transformed the hiring process for businesses across the world. The platform brings in advanced tools and features to optimize the quality of recruitment for businesses.

A user-friendly solution

The best part about Hiringguru is that it brings a unified applicant tracking system for superior efficiency, with its intuitive and simplistic interface. With the Hiringguru interactive features, businesses are able to optimize each and every aspect of the candidate recruitment process to a few clicks, by automating most of the talent acquisition tasks. Not to forget the various plans offered by the platform to enable businesses of all sizes and shapes to get access to the top talent from around the world.

Hiringguru Features

As a leading technical recruitment platform, HirinGuru is equipped with all the automated and innovative features that enable businesses to make well-informed data-driven decisions in accessing the top talent. The platform comes with various built-in tools to automate the entire screening process and give you the insights you need to make the best choice for your company.

Some of the features offered by HirinGuru includes; 

–         Single Sign-on

No one wants to fill in extensive forms to get started, right? Well, with HirinGuru you can be sure of a seamless signing process with single click sign-up for Google or Facebook users. You can instantly get started with the platform through your social media account.

–         Stocked Question Bank

This is perhaps the best feature for non-technical business owners looking for technical recruitment. The stock question bank enables HR professionals and non-technical business owners to choose from the extensive library of the purpose-created questionnaire and coding problems, so you never compromise on the quality of your hire.

–         Custom Coding Tests

Not satisfied with the stocked questions and tests? Well, with HirinGuru you always have an option to customize your coding tests in any of the programming languages. The custom coding tests are ideal for tech businesses with tech-savvy business owners looking for expert and experienced recruitment against an open position.

– User-Friendly IDE

HirinGuru brings in a unified and interactive IDE for candidates, which enables them to submit the solutions on the platform and run the test to verify the output. This removes any need for external applications; ensuring peace of mind for candidates, as well as, for businesses looking for fast and right recruitment of top talent.

–         Multiple Programming Languages Supported

  • As the ultimate technical recruitment software, you can trust HirinGuru conducting tests in all sort of programming languages including;
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • C#
  • C++
  • AI-ML
  • JavaScript

–         Reporting & Analytics

Testing is just part of the process, the key to successful recruitment lies in reports and analytics that bring in the valuable details about candidates’ performance and skills. Well, with HirinGuru you get access to highly interactive and detailed analytical reports that give you the insights you need to determine a candidate’s performance and expertise. The intuitive analytical report gives businesses a statistical snapshot of the overall performance of the candidates, as a supplementary resource to assess the effectiveness of the recruitment strategy.

–         Enterprise Ready

The platform is meant to support businesses of all sizes, which means that irrespective of the size of your recruitment you can always scale to the desired level. The enterprise-ready platform empowers businesses to conduct the screening process for a large number of candidates efficiently and effectively to increase their chances of hiring the top talent from anywhere around the world.

What Problems Will HirinGuru Solve?

– Platform that adapts to your processes

HiringGuru enables recruiters to keep their operational preferences and habits by offering them the tools to customize everything they want on the platform. This enables businesses to keep their identity while designing the customized screening process on the platform. From application forms to the questionnaire and various data fields, HiringGuru empowers recruiters to conform to their identity and needs.

–         Screening quality and efficiency

HiringGuru’s extensive stock questionnaire and AI/ML-based algorithms to design robust screening tests enable companies to have a comprehensive screening process by testing all the requisite skills and expertise required against an open position. The platform enables businesses to design their unique tests or choose from the massive library of stock questions and tests for the screening purpose, thereby, completely empowering the businesses to ensure the quality of the hiring.

HiringGuru Pricing

HiringGuru offers 4 different recruitment packages to cater to the hiring needs of all businesses. These packages include;


$10 / Test Attempt

  • User
  • Unlimited Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks
  • Custom Coding Tasks
  • Unlimited Custom Test Suites
  • 24/7 Support


$240 / mo

  • 1 User
  • 30 Test Attempts/m
  • Unlimited Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks
  • 5 Custom Coding Tasks
  • Unlimited Custom Test Suites
  • 24/7 Support
  • Advanced Cheating Prevention

$500 / mo

  • 5 User
  • 100 Test Attempts/m
  • Unlimited Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks
  • 20 Custom Coding Tasks
  • Unlimited Custom Test Suites
  • 24/7 Support
  • Advanced Cheating Prevention


  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Test Attempts/m
  • Unlimited Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks
  • Unlimited Custom Coding Tasks
  • Unlimited Custom Test Suites
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Employer Branding
  • Custom ATS Integrations
  • Custom Feature Development
  • 24/7 Support
  • Advanced Cheating Prevention

Overall Rating

Honestly, the features, tools, and customization level offered by HiringGuru makes it one of the best technical recruitment platform available in the market. The platform definitely empowers businesses and HR professionals to make the right choice for an open position, while saving on cost and resources required to screen candidates otherwise.