May 24, 2024

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Guide to Choose the Best Domestic Water Purifier

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With the increasing level of pollutants, the technology backed manufacturing companies of Domestic RO Water Purifier are coming up with different types of features to prevent it. They are constantly working on that domain to encounter the new age bacteria and contaminants that can affect our health in a great level. The industrialization is rising the level of toxic waste in the sources of water and the city’s water purification system is not able to remove them completely. As a result, the tap water we get at our home is full of toxic materials and a higher level of TDS.

Having the Domestic RO Water Purifier has become mandatory for all households. However, there are so many other technologies like UF, UV, and Mineralizer that confuse the buyers. Most of them don’t understand which one is required for your home.

To understand how to select the best domestic water purifier, you have to know the quality of the water of your locality. It is better to taste the local tap water to know what type of contamination it has already and the TDS level of it. As the variety of water purifiers has different functionalities and efficiency, it should be the major deciding factor in your purchase decision. For example, if you have a soft water supply, then the UV water purifier is good enough for you. On the other hand, the hard water can be purified best with the RO system only that can lower the TDS level as well.

Depending on the water quality, you can select the purifier based on the following discussion.

RO Water Purifier: The Reverse Osmosis or popularly known as RO water purifier is the most popular system nowadays. The water will be flow through the semi-permeable filter that can allow only smaller molecules like water to pass and the contamination and bacteria will be filtered out. This is the most effective and proven method that will help to lower the TDS level of the water and make it drinkable. In case, the TDS level of your area’s tap water is more than 500, then you should buy the Domestic RO Water Purifier.

Ultraviolet Water Purifier: From the name, you can easily understand that this purifier uses the UV rays to purify the water. The inbuilt torch throws high-intensity UV light on the water that assures to kill 99% germs, bacteria, and viruses. However, the UV filter is not able to remove dissolved impurities and for that new-age manufacturers are coming up with external sediment pre-filter along with activated carbon filter for better results.

Ultrafiltration Water Purifier: Just like the RO system, it also uses a semi-permeable membrane but with larger pores. For that reason, the purification quality is not as good as the RO purification system. The UF water purifier is effective for the localities that have a TDS level in between 300 to 500. However, it can run without electricity and there is no water wastage here.

How to select the water purifier?

Depending on the water quality analysis, you can easily understand which purifier will work best for your locality. If you have a higher TDS level, then RO will be the best choice whereas the UF water purifier is good for lower TDS. For bacterial problems, the UF water purifier will provide the best result.