September 28, 2022

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Give A Trendy And Brand New Look To Floor Tiles By Refinishing Process

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Floor Tiles

The process which involves the use of high quality material materials that turns the old, wreck tiles into new, durable and trendy look is known as tiles refinishing. You can replace ceramic wall and floor tiles without expensive cost and material. Buying new tiles always put a burden on your pocket while tiles’ reglazing is not only affordable but also reliable. It creates less mess and this procedure is environment friendly. Tiles refinishing in Toronto offers high end makeover for your bathroom that enhances the décorof your home. You can go for any type of refinishing like traditional, modern, classic, country or casual etc. Even you can select color of your own choice as well. The impressive specks and flecks of different colors give a voguish and aesthetic look to tiles. Ever trendy white color of tiles is popular among people because it looks elegant and beautiful. Although, you can customize tiles as you want. The two way procedure of tiles refinishing involves the removal of dirt, oil, grease, soap and grime particles in less duration of time. Tiles reglazingprocess involves following essential steps:

  • Site preparation is the foremost step involved in floor tiles refinishing. You must protect the surrounding walls, floors, sink, toilet, tub and windows from any damage during this procedure.
  • Damage repair is the most crucial step. All the grouts, cracks and chips are removed and filled properly. Grouts are usually porous and absorb liquid quickly. During this process correct concentration of chemicals is necessary due to personal protection. A proper exhaust system is necessary to vent out all the fumes and odor of chemicals being used.
  • In the next step, the tiles are being rough for the proper adherence of coating. Etching is most commonly used process. Hydrofluoric acid, methylene chloride and isocyanates are usually used for etching procedure of tiles. Hydrofluoric acid eats porcelain and creates pits to generate rough surface so that coating material properly sticks to that surface. Professional and experienced skills are required to do this process accurately. The final coating layer may start to peel off, if this process is not done properly.
  • The application of primer by using high graded professional brush system gives a new and clean look to tiles. It will leave to dry. Generally, acrylic latex is used to prime the surface of tiles.
  • Multiple layers of enamel are applied to give glossy look and finally highly refinished are ready to use. However, matt finish is not recommended because it looks simple and gets dirty quickly. This process generates non slip surface that is safe to use.

Different companies offer tiles refinishing in Toronto suitable for office, industries, homes, hotels, hospitals and commercial uses. Similarly, post refinishing maintenance is very easy and simple. To put in a nut shell, tiles refinishing process not only saves your time but also cost effective. Floor tiles refinishing procedure is durable and last for at least 10 to 15 years depending upon the use.

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