April 16, 2024

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Five Best Activities on Your Layover at Miami International Airport

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There are many connecting flights which fly from Miami, for instance Delta flights fly from Miami to Havana. In such a scenario, if you have some layover time in Miami, there are plenty of things that you can do other than sleeping. Here is a list of top 5 activities that you can do on your layover at Miami airport.

5 things to do on your layover in Miami

Get a free body massage
The Miami Centurion lounge is a premium lounge which offers some of the very amazing amenities to its customers. In fact, the premium cardholders can get access to free services such as facial or body massage, pedicure, manicure, and others during their layover. Apart from spa facilities, you get to enjoy food and beverage services too.

Grab some food and drinks at an airport lounge

There are several fancy lounges at the Miami airport where you can relax and grab some food or drinks during your layover. From Complimentary Wi-Fi to family room and bars, these lounges offer multiple facilities to its members. It is always a great idea for its visitors to either use lounge membership program or pre-book a lounge pass online to avail the services at great discounts. You can either visit American Admirals Clubs, Club America, Delta Sky Lounge, or Avianca VIP Lounge at Miami airport.

Hang out at the beach

There is a baggage checkroom where you can keep your luggage and hang out at the nearby beach. If you have got at least 6 hours layover times, you can go for suntan in Miami. You can also check out nearby cafes and bars; however, make sure you keep a time check and return to the airport on time.

Shop till you drop

There are interconnected terminals in the Miami airport. So, you can hop from shop to shop and spend your time collecting souvenirs or visiting high designer shops. You can find the fanciest boutiques at the airport; there are famous Miami-based stores like Books & Books and Havana Collection where you will find a lot of crowd.

Indulge into meditation and yoga

If you want to spend some peaceful time at the airport, you can sometime in the Yoga room which is there at Terminal H. There are yoga mats available – you can practice some poses, stretches, or meditation.

You can also book your tickets to Miami from Delta Airlines Reservations and explore this beautiful place which is famous for its gorgeous white sand beaches, underwater wreck sites, and art deco culture. This premium vacation destination is meant for families, friends, or even when you are traveling solo.

 So, when are you booking your tickets?

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