May 24, 2024

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Devices for Surge Protection

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Protection of Your Electrical Equipment

From 1 January 2019 The IET wiring regulations BS 7671: 2018 – Requires adequate protection for both people and equipment against temporary over voltages of atmospheric origin that are transferred via the power distribution system and against switching over voltages.

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What does this mean?

Simply put, this means that we now have to protect our electrical systems against the effects of lightning and electrical peaks or power peaks from the electricity supplier. This is done through the use of a surge protector (SPD).

Why now?

In the last 20 years, the risk of death or injury has increased considerably, as have the financial costs for replacing goods, equipment and data that have been destroyed after a light attack or a power surge.

Why has the risk grown?

The use of computers and electronics has increased exponentially in the last two decades. There are more systems and these systems have become smaller, which means that less energy is needed to damage components and cause fire or explosion.

What effect does this have on you?

The regulations prescribe mandatory use of SPDs for most new installations. An exception to this is some houses – your house. Goodship Electrical Services offers you the possibility to mount an SPD as another layer for electrical safety.

What is an SPD?

An SPD is a small device that fits into your new consumer unit and protects your entire electrical system from damage caused by lightning and power surges from the electrical supply.

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Why should I choose to have one SPD?

Our houses are full of electronic equipment, from TVs, washing machines and computers to Sky boxes, kettles and telephone chargers, our daily activities apply to this. Almost everything you plug into a power outlet would be destroyed by a lightning strike or a surge without an SPD. If you work from home, you can lose valuable and irreparable data from computers and backup disks.

Your electrician will determine if an SPD is needed during the system design.