May 29, 2024

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B2B copywriting: how to write to capture customers

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Talk about copywriting for B2B means addressing a very delicate issue. Because we often think we can work with a single registry on any type of company. Or look at the Business To Business world with skeptical eyes: persuasive copy techniques don’t work here.

In reality, this is not the case, these are generalizations that must give way to softer and more defined positions. The professionalism of a copywriter also depends on his ability to adapt communication strategies to achieve the goal. That is the sale, the conversion

This also applies to Business To Business. There are dozens of aspects to consider when you decide to do a good online promotion for your company, or for that of your client. And every web marketing strategy needs a good online writing business.

This is why it becomes essential to optimize the copywriting process for B2B. What are the essential steps? I want to start with a clear foundation of the field in which we are operating.

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B2B Marketing: What Does It Exactly Mean?

The aspect to consider before starting any web marketing activity (therefore also online copywriting) is to understand the context. B2B has a meaning: it is an acronym that encompasses the work of companies that speak and communicate with similar realities, not with the end-user.

Which has a different approach to buying. Do we want to find a generic and substantial difference between B2B and B2C? The sale follows different logics: in the first case, it takes funnel The… longer and more detailed, perhaps an approach based on technical and individual insights.

In Business To Customer, we work on emotions. The purchase is on impulse, immediate. With a short and direct customer journey. All of this needs to be carefully considered when defining the highlights of your web copywriting business. How do you proceed?

How to write for Business To Business

With these premises, it is clear that one point of the work to be done concerns the millimeter knowledge of the target. The Target is consequently also …of reference. Precisely because, in principle, B2B works on profitable niches and not on large-scale markets, you can obtain concrete advantages on this point.

But that’s just one of the essential aspects of a good B2B copywriting job. Here are several elements to consider to achieve your goals.

Create buyer persona

Especially with the creation and optimization of buyer personas. They are based on market research, real data on existing customers and some assumptions based on …, ideal-typical representations of your potential customers use to clarify what drives them to buy services or products, what problem they solve, what the customer’s challenges are. Any ideas to manage this? We have created a guide to organize information and create buyer personas.

Pay attention to the tone of voice

The work on web copywriting on B2B risks overflowing into a detached jargon, close to corporate language, and that language that tends to detach the user from the activity in question. This is why it is important to carefully define your tone of voice before starting to write.

That is to say, the communication style you have decided to follow in online and offline communication. Better to keep the voice active and direct, reduce turns of words and complex verbal forms. B2B does not mean talking to bureaucrats without personality but to people like you.

Here’s a good use of B2B headlines.

An example comes from Asana: it directs visitors towards a clear promise, one call to action In CTAs, an imperative verb like … is usually used. immediate and without distractions. But above all dedicated to those who work and need solutions that work. All this, however, without losing sight of a brilliant and interesting copy.

Use the information that matters

In Business To Business, I think in this way: fewer emotions, more practicality. Work on the numbers, give the data to make decisions. This does not mean writing without personality (the point I made clear above) but understanding the needs of those who work in the company.

And that he can’t afford to make a bad investment just because he was attracted to pleasantly colored spectacular titles. So your copy must be in continuous balance between the lightness and consistency of a text capable of confirming, informing, and convincing with dexterity.

Organize your content for Business users.

One of the concrete cases: the use of numbers and figures to reassure those who have to make decisions, or perhaps in-depth manuals. Buying in B2B can be emotionally driven, but not as in B2C. Tendency to limit risk, fear of failure, and the need to save/earn are emotions that are often associated with conversions.

The content must be informative, educational, able to address pain points and offer solutions. Maybe with the help of videos and infographics capable of summarizing the essential points. Do you want a concrete example? Check out the Dropbox guide for business users.

Work on social proof

In general, this can be a good technique to increase the conversions of your B2B web copywriting work. People are always very attentive to the stimuli that arrive on the front of social proof, the signals that allow them to find reassurance.

This also applies to Business To Business. The tone of voice is different from what you use in B2C: in the latter case, the review of a site like Tripadvisor may be enough to make the difference, while in B2B there must be a report signed by professionals in the sector.

B2B copywriting: where to start?

Certainly from the value, you can give to your project. The text you write for a newsletter or blog with the latest post must keep in mind the need for a project that turns its attention to an audience that does not allow itself to be influenced by impulsive emotions but evaluates activities with greater care.

And maybe it needs a different, longer purchasing process. Have you found these points in your B2B web copywriting strategy? Leave your opinion in the comments.