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AutoZone Rebates Program:

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autozone com rebates

Autozone Com Rebates

The AutoZone Promotions page, you will find a broad selection of products that are rebate eligible. But, these rebates only can be claimed on items bought in the current calendar year.

For instance, if you make a purchase of Bar’s Leaks Oil Seal Engine Oil Burning and Leak Repair, you can get a rebate of $5. This is if you bought it between January 1st to December 31st of this year.

You can go to their promotions page at to see updates on new items that are eligible for rebates.


AutoZone Rewards is another program that will help customers save money when purchasing products on their website. All you have to do is sign-up to create an account and then have it linked to MyZone.

This will allow you to have a simpler time managing all the cashback reward points. The AutoZone Rewards program allows you to earn $20 off of shopping when you’ve made a purchase of $20 or more on 5 distinct orders.

Present Cards

Gift cards are another of the promotional products from AutoZone that could make an ideal present. You can buy the AutoZone gift card to add an amount of between $10 and $200 on it.

Discounts on gift cards are offered in the case of large purchases, too.


More than 80,000 items that are available on AutoZone can be delivered on the following day at your home address for no cost. One way for you to qualify to receive next-day delivery for free is to make an order at least $35.

If you own an AutoZone store near you You can also place an order for your items to be picked up in the store that same day.

When Are AutoZone Rebates Not Eligible?

There are a few exceptions the conditions that make you qualified to receive the AutoZone rebate. One of those limitations is when you’re trying for a refund, cancellation and/or return an item.

If a promotional offer was used that wasn’t already approved by TopCashback it is possible that you won’t be qualified to receive an offer. Additionally, AutoZone cashback is only accessible via U.S. retail channels and the U.S. website.

The amount you’ll get depends on the amount you’ve spent. It generally excludes taxes and shipping. Additionally the cashback rates are subject to change, so make sure to check their site to stay up-to-date on the rate of cashback you could be eligible to receive.

Additionally it is also necessary to finish your all purchases online, and your basket must be empty prior to you start.

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What do you need to Submit an AutoZone Rebate?

The things you need to provide for to be eligible for an AutoZone rebate include :

  • An email address that is valid to ensure that you are informed about what happens to your claim.
  • An image of the invoice for the purchase you would like to get cashback on. This should include the purchase number, the name and transaction number AutoZone store number, as well as the date of purchase.

It’s best to have all these details in mind prior to making a cashback application to ensure that the process goes swiftly and easily. The average time for cashback is less than five minutes in the procedure.

If you’re looking to receive rebates on multiple orders, you’ll need to submit applications separately for each order at

Receiving Your Autzone Rebates

After you’ve submitted your rebate claim and received confirmation of receipt via an email, you should expect to receive the gift voucher within the next 10 weeks. You may also opt to receive an electronic gift card, which will be delivered to your email address within a couple of weeks.

The page can be used to track the status of your claim. Keep the claim number secure since you’ll need it to verify how your refund is progressing.


It doesn’t matter if you’re an auto mechanic or prefer working on cars by yourself, AutoZone rebates could save you money year after year. This is particularly relevant if you’re constantly buying items from AutoZone.