May 29, 2024

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8 Spectacular Types of Fireworks | Fireworks Nation

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Fireworks are low explosive pyrotechnic devices suitable for aesthetic and explosive purposes. Fireworks are made of explosive materials including traditional gun powder, potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal. These are perfect to celebrate events in life such as weddings, public celebrations, holidays, coronations, and religious ceremonies.

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1# Sparklers:

It is a small, handheld metal stick that emits a constant stream of sparks upon lighting. As it contains different ingredients, it changes its color on lightening. Moreover, it is also made of wood with a paper tube attached to it.


2# Barrage:

It is a type of cake that contains a unique mixture of fireworks to create a spectacular effect. It is one of the most popular types of fireworks. It shows an excellent display in a small package. You can purchase several barrages and ignite them at once to present a fireworks extravaganza. If you are looking for fireworks near me, contact Fireworks Nation to buy barrages and sparklers.


3# Cake:

It is a kind of mini display in one small package. It consists of rockets, roman candles, or a mixture of both. It has an internal fuse system that automatically ignites fireworks either at once or in a pre-destined order. Cakes last from a few seconds to a few minutes.


4# Mine:

Mines are certainly spectacular and dramatic. It is shot from a mortar shell at ground level and displays mind-blowing flashes or bangs in the sky. Usually, mines are the loudest fireworks. Their noise level reaches up to 120 DB. Visit fireworks near me to buy the best quality fireworks available at affordable rates.


5# Catherine Wheel:

It is named after St. Catherine who was martyred upon a spinning wheel. The noise of crackles and whistles is emitted as the coin spins. Catherine Wheel can be set up in unique and different arrangements. It is great to watch their display.


6# Fountain:

If you love to experience the beautiful visual elements of a firework with surprising sound effects, fountains are the best options. Fountains release a shower of sparks, bangs, and whistles. The sparkling duration of fountains varies up to several minutes.


7# Roman Candle:

It is made of a cardboard outer casing and filled with individual balls. After ignition, it shoots out stars. Roman Candles can be used individually or with a part of the Cake. It emits stars of one color or multiple colors at once. Moreover, different noise effects including hummers and crackles are also available with Roman Candles.


8# Rocket:

It is the most common type of firework. Rockets are all-time favorite fireworks of kids. It can reach an enormous height when launched in the sky. It produces a loud bang on the explosion. Even some rockets can reach up to the height of 30-60 meters. Visit a fireworks store in Hudson to explore a wide variety of fireworks to meet your requirements.