May 24, 2024

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5 Strategies To The Built Habit Of Daily Memorization Of The Holy Quran

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Holy Quran

One’s interest to memorize Qur’an and preserve it must be kept for Allah, the Sublime and Exalted, for gathering His Paradise and achieving His Pleasure, and for developing the great rewards that are saved for those who recite the Qur’an and memorize it. However, you’ve probably mentally written down your action plan, If you’re anything like most people.. Wake up half an hour ahead before Fajr prayers to learn verses. Repeat this for a month, and you would have learned Surah Al-Baqarah. It sounds like a good plan. The Prophet (SAW) has tutored us the best of deeds are those that done constantly, indeed if they’re small.

A mini-Habit

A mini-habit is an internal trick that doesn’t force you to move straight into the habit you want to produce, which in this illustration is run 30 minutes a day, three times a week. It just focuses on what you require to do before enforcing that habit. In the case of this illustration, a mini-habit could simply be, alter into exercise clothes and step down the stairs, three times a week.

Set your Priorities

By following this step, the Quran learner would reach this objective. The most substantial thing is, to begin with, a short quantity to avoid getting tired or depressed. This is because what matters is the quality and not the quantity. This is a crucial step towards better memorization of the Quran. At home, women can select online female tutors for Holly Quran memorization. Organization and prioritization help us further to reach our goals easily and fluently. Any Quran learner should set his priorities and contend on making memorizing the holy Quran on the top of the list of his aims.

Choose a suitable environment for Memorization

It’s really important to observe ourselves in an atmosphere that suits the Quran memorization and to avoid ang chaotic or incorrect surroundings that would undermine our capability. This, it’s understood that the environment that surrounds any learner, especially the Quran learner, affects them favorably or negatively.

 Choose the most suitable time

Most people complain of their incapability to memorize or recite the Quran, while if they counted their lifestyle, they will learn to see that they waste their time unconsciously. Waking up early would support providing more time and a better chance for learning the Quran and contemplating it. According to what prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has told us, it’s better to wake up after Al-Fajr’s prayer. Also, any Quran learner should arrange his/ her time to assign a certain time for the Quran memorization, specifically by refraining from the distractors that guide to waste time in vain.

In your daily prayers practice reciting the verses

Reciting the verses in the prayers would incubate the Quran learner to learn the verses accurately. Online Quran tutor would really for you in enhancing the procedure of memorization. By practice, the verses would adhere to the learner’s mind and would be fluently remembered. It’s a blessing from Allah to have the necessary prayers as well as the sunnah prayers as the Quran learners can revise what they have learned in the prayers.