April 18, 2024

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3 Features to Look for in a Marketer’s Laptop

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Marketer’s Laptop

Digital marketing is a global industry with nigh-unlimited potential for businesses of all size and kind. Then again, if you are reading this, then you probably know that already! However, every marketer needs an adequately equipped laptop to work and making a mistake there can affect your productivity as a professional negatively. To help you find the perfect marketer’s laptop, here’s a small list of three features to look for.

A High Resolution Display

High resolution displays allow screens to accommodate more on them than displays of comparatively lower resolutions. Since working with multiple windows, apps, and tabs open is common practice for marketing professionals, the extra screen space can boost your work productivity quite considerably.

Note that the display’s size has nothing to do with on-screen real estate at all, but it is still important for your laptop’s display size to match the resolution it is carrying. There is only so much the human eye can see and high resolution on a small display could leave text, icons, etc., almost too small to see easily. If you find yourself squinting to read from your laptop’s screen often, you need to decrease the resolution down to something that your eyes can identify comfortably.

Unfortunately, if you must do that, it means that the laptop’s higher, native resolution is pretty much useless in practical usage. To avoid being in such a situation and still make use of your laptop screen’s high resolution, go through the following simple tips.

  • 15” is as low as a marketer should go with their laptop display’s size, with 16 – 17” displays being the preferable options.
  • Only buy a laptop with a 4K (3840 x 2140) display if you plan to buy or already have an external 4K monitor.
  • For marketers and other professional users, QHD (2560 x 1440) is the most ideal resolution for their laptop screens.

Fast APU

Since marketing professionals need laptops with high resolution displays, it’s recommended to get models with powerful APUs (CPU + GPU). QHD or 4K displays must be supported by a powerful graphics processor for them to function smoothly, but you don’t need to invest in a PC with a super expensive graphics card for that.

Just get an accelerated processing unit (APU) with Intel Arc Graphics. Be careful while choosing your laptop because that’s the most important part inside a marketer’s laptop. You can find more information on Intel® Arc™ Graphics at Lenovo directly.


We just discussed how marketers need to open and work on multiple windows and tasks simultaneously, but that would not even be possible if the laptop does not have enough RAM. Every application you open and every tab you add to your browsers will need RAM to stay open. Some of the more demanding apps alone will take up a chunk of your PC’s total available RAM on their own.

If your laptop runs out of RAM while you are working, it will close multiple apps at once and without giving you enough time to save your work. In a worst case scenario, your entire PC will crash. Marketing laptops should come with at least 16GB to 32GB of RAM. When budget is a concern, go with DDR4 instead of DDR5 but anything less than 16GB RAM will not do.

That is pretty much all there is to it really, but you may also want to invest in an external monitor. Curved, ultrawide monitors come recommended for the wider, more spacious view.

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