September 28, 2022

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Why there is Still Love for the Lion King on Broadway?

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Lion King Show

Lion King is itself a legend in the entertainment world. This age-defying show is captivating audiences of all the age groups.

Whether you are 8 or 80, the story of Simba is equally appealing and mesmerizing for everybody. People are still looking for Cheap Lion King Broadway Tickets to re-watch the magic on stage. This is the longest and the most successful running show of Disney. Since its inception as Broadway in 1998, the Lion King show still manages to go houseful reflecting the immense popularity of the show.

There must be some reasons that keep people crazy after 22 years. You have to dive a little deep to find out the reasons for the continued success of the show.

-> Revamping of the characters: The storyline is based on the Disney movie of the same name that was released in 1997. While transforming the story for the stage, director Julie Taymor had found out the absence of women leading character.

For that reason, she recast Rafiki as a female mandril. South African actress Tshidi Manye is playing the character exceptionally beautiful since 2000. Another female character Nala also gets a stronger presence in Broadway. The back story of Scar is also explored here to make him a more complex character.

-> The commercial success of the show is a huge reason to continue the show. It is considered the biggest musical show of all time. It has been recorded that the show grosses around 2 million dollars every week. Although the average ticket price is around $150, you can manage to get Cheap Lion King Broadway Tickets if you wait for offers and discounts. 

-> The Lion King has seen an exclusive blend of innovation in the puppetry and costume. It is really amazing how Tamor had thought about the designs 22 years ago and still now it impresses the audiences so much that many subsequent shows are imitating it. The musical arrangements are also done by South African musician Lebo M to incorporate authenticity. Apart from the songs by Elton John and Tim; the other musical arrangements keep up the standard and make it more beautiful.   

-> The influence of pop culture is a huge factor behind the popularity of Lion King Broadway. The concept is hugely used in the American political scenario. Different TV shows like The Simpsons and Dr. Who have referred to the show many times. Disney has made another live-action remake of the movie and these incidents are proof of the fact that the popularity is not going to die soon. 

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