September 28, 2022

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If you want to know about the unique and attractive themes of websites so must have a look at various sites on the internet. There are lots of online shopping store sites that offer distinct discounts and coupon codespromote their product and thus it generates traffic. However, traffic has generated in this way for an only a short period of time because no company can reduce their product prices long term to decline the worth of the product.

There are wide ranges of sites on the internet when you through it so you will find distinct sites from distinct countries. Due to technological outgrowth, lots of e-commerce shopping sites and services sites have come on the internet. They come in unique features and designs to promote their products and services. Thus they promote their brand in an online marketplace.


The website theme is the overall look and design of the website. It includes the logo, layout, style, colors and other things. The website represents the company image. If the appearance of the website is not attractive and impressive so how the traffic generates?


Google Adsense is the network that gives ads to publishers to earn money by getting clicks and creating sales through the ads posted on publisher’s sites. Through this way publishers earn money. Nowadays, wide ranges of bloggers are coming and after posting their blog sites along with blog contents, they apply on Google Adsense for the purpose of earning money.

The following are the essential things to get approval from Adsense:

  • Designing of the website: It is essential because of the first impression upon the audience. The website logo, colors, theme, and layout are important to give an adorable impression upon people.
  • Content: There are wide ranges of online magazine sites that rejected because of their distinct contents. The site must be on one topic. If the site is on various genres so it is difficult to attract the specific target audience. For instance, if the blog site is on fashion trends and scientific inventions so both are different topics. So these types of blog sites easily get a rejection from Google and thus it also fails in creating a wide range of traffic.
  • Apply after 3 months: Everybody knows that traffic requires time to generate. Lots of SEO techniques such as backlinks, social media and so on, have done to attract the target audience. So don’t apply on Adsense when you build the desired traffic. Traffic has generated in a timely manner. So you can apply the application of the ad after 3 months to get the approval for the first time.

Google team members read the blog content and analyze the design and traffic of the website before giving any response to rejection or approval of the application. So you must keep in mind why the audience attracts your site? Is it eligible to engage your target audience? Analyze the competitor site as well before uploading your site on the internet. Make your website according to the current trend and don’t use obsolete technologies for making your site because due to further innovation technical issues will occur in your site.

There are lots of ways to generate the traffic on the website but digital marketing is not enough to get the approval of Google Adsense. The website theme is the most prominent thing. There are lots of companies that offer their services for web designing and development so you can give your project to them. They also offer discount codes and various promotional deals occasionally so you can grab this opportunity to get the well-designed site in your budget.

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