September 29, 2023

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What Is SEO Web Development And Why Do You Need An SEO Friendly Website?

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With the era of innovation and rise of technology, there are a lot of things that can be done virtually. Imagine leaving out the chance to be the part of the kind of world which holds immense potential to open new doors of success for your business. 

Or worse, you are part of that world but nobody wants your services because you do not know how to present them. This is where the importance of SEO friendly websites comes in limelight. 

In this blog we will discuss how and why SEO is an important part of your web development. 

SEO Friendly Web Development

SEO friendly development means to have your website developed in a certain way which will display SEO guidelines. This is crucial for the success of your website. 

And what is the actual success of the website? To be on the first page of the search engine results.

There are some web development guidelines we can follow to be on the right track of SEO;

Site structures 

The site structures and URLs you own should enable crawling. Crawling allows better rating of the website since the search engine is allowed to index it. 

Crawling is a term used to indicate the process done by search engines. The search engines go through the websites and decide if they are worthy. And then according to the results generated, the pages are ranked on the search engine.

Easy to use 

The website and how it works should be easy to understand by the user. The website should load in the least time possible and the design must be easy to comprehend by the browser. It should not take the user a lot of time to learn how to be able to navigate through your website. Since this is not the only website offering the respective services, it needs to stand out by having an easy to use approach. This will cause them to lose interest, hence creating bounces.


Keywords are like the essence of SEO. 

Try to use the appropriate amount of keywords in your titles and meta tags so that it would attract the attention of the search engine and the reader. 

The keywords should obviously be also included in the main content as well. This is because it brings attention and has more chances of ranking higher. But it is very necessary to keep in mind that the amount of keywords must not be too much. It should not repeat too much and become boring. By keeping this in mind it is necessary to create content for both the search engines and the readers.

For mobile phones

One of the most vital things to remember during the making of the website is to make sure it has responsive web design and development. This means it should adjust to whatever screen size it is accessed from. Most necessarily it should open up on mobile phones because more than 51 % traffic comes from there. 

Benefits of SEO Friendly Website

Out of the overwhelming amount of benefits SEO provides, we will discuss the best ones. 

For starters, the marketing done through SEO is long term. It has a long lasting impact on the customers and therefore creates a more loyal audience. 

It is very cost effective; in fact it can be done for free. It is done for free but takes up a lot of efforts to generate effective material. It consumes time but it’s worth it when the results come in and they give long term results.

When done right, it gives you an edge over the competition as your website would have more relevant content.


Hopefully this blog helped you understand that the importance of SEO cannot be underestimated. It is fundamental to use the tools of SEO while building and running a website for a true online experience.

It is the right time to dive into competition. 

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Amanda Hayward is the digital marketing manager at the web factory. Even formerly Amanda has worked with the best digital marketing services in USA. She has worked in branding channels, companies, and corporates as well. Her clients and companies have always been pleased by her dedication to serve them. She is an analytical, efficient, and smart professional. She also provides her services on freelancing platforms.

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