July 10, 2024

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The Best Games Nintendo Switch OLED

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Nintendo Switch OLED

Its Nintendo Switch OLED was released around a month ago, and it comes with an upgrade that included an increased screen, better audio and an adaptable stand. This is a good reason to observe that Nintendo constantly improves and developing their products to give us the best gaming experience.

Let’s put it to the test, shall we? Here are a few games that available on the Nintendo eShop that we believe will reveal the best capabilities that are available on Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch OLED console.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Of of course, having the best sold Nintendo Switch game on your console is the most effective option. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has vibrant character models and challenges that are lively enough to demonstrate the power of the 7-inch screen.

It’s true that you can purchase other Mario games in the series but we need to make sure you purchase the only game that you’re certain to enjoy. In addition, you’re sure to have an enjoyable time playing Mario Kart 8 and you are able to play with your loved ones and your friends too. Reveal the part of you that is competitive!

Metroid Dread

The game was released alongside the console, making it an easy decision to purchase it if you’re seeking a game to play with your brand new Switch. Metroid Dread could easily showcase the capabilities and power of this new version as well.

A better game on a console that is enhanced sounds like an ideal match Make sure to play it! The visuals and shadows of Metroid Dread will blow your breath away as it showcases the power of the OLED screen.

Streets of Rage 4

Everybody needs a fighting game in the mix. And even when you don’t participate in fighting games, it’s beneficial to keep one in reserve in case you’re looking to release your frustrations. This is where this awesome beat-’em-up comes into. Streets of Rage 4 takes the series and transforms it into something totally different from the previous games.

With the inclusion of hand-drawn designs and vibrant colors, Streets of Rage 4 is well worth the effort and time to experience. The Switch version is reported to be playing smoothly with numerous updates to the game to improve your gaming experience.


Being able to play a game with a ‘Game Of The Year’ title on your Switch isn’t too bad, does it? Hades is an entertaining roguelike perfect for any platform. If you’re already drawn to its world you’re likely that you’d like to play it with you everywhere you travel. The good news is that it’s a mobile device. Nintendo Switch is mobile, you might think?

Hades is a hit with its characters and its story. The fact that you’ll frequently be killed is not a problem, even if you need to begin again. It’s fascinating how the game can be frustrating, yet it also motivates players to continue until the very end.


Everyone needs a sweet indie experience, and TOEM is precisely the thing. It’s a game of photography on a black and white background in which you’ll be able to unravel the mysteries through your cameras. It’s not the most appealing look but it’s good sufficient. The simple hand-drawn illustrations are clear and contrasty. You’ll be able to find what you require within a matter of minutes.

The goal is to make photographs, unravel mysteries and assist those who are around you. TOEM is a relaxing game that features chill beats that play while you play. The quirky characters in TOEM evoke the sweet feeling that fills your heart, and fill your heart with warmth.

Spelunky 2

It’s not wholesome, but it’s certainly the opposite and full of suffering, we have Spelunky 2. I’m not sure why they created another game, perhaps the roguelike fans out there are just enjoying the process of playing through. In any case, Spelunky 2 falls on both sides on the scale. You will feel extremely satisfied to live and beat certain areas however, you could be absolutely depressed when you must start all over again when you pass away.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s an excellent game but only if you’re driven enough to continue and, of course this is true for any Roguelike that’s on the market. The player is Ana who is the child of characters from the game’s first installment, as you seek your lost parents on the moon. Moon.


It’s a bit ironic to play an game that is like it was straight from the 90s but on a contemporary console and Eastward is an excellent option. The game lets you play as John and Sam as they are evicted by their miners because of their fascination with the world outside.

The two characters can be switched while you work on various puzzles and taking down enemies by using timed movesets. There are tons of monsters and bosses you to take on, along with adorable, quirky characters to encounter along the journey. The weapon you choose to use can be changed from the skillet (Tangled model) as well as a firethrower that’s pretty tough considering the way it is.

Splatoon 2

A vibrant shooter that offers multiplayer is essential when you’re experimenting with the new console. Splatoon 2 is the sequel to Splatoon and you can test it out if you haven’t tried it yet. Splatoon 2 includes more online multiplayer games and a fresh story to explore into.

For those who aren’t familiar the game, it is kind of squid, or octopus motif (evident by the logo that appears in the title). The characters you play with can transform into humanoids or squids who can swim in their own inks to replenish their health and fill with ink. This is one of the most children-friendly games in this list, if you’re comfortable with shooting games.

Ori and The Will of The Wisps

Ori’s world Ori is a gorgeously designed one that is a shame to not play. Ori as well as the Will of The Wisps is an Metroidvania platformer, and is directly sequel to the very first title, Ori as well as The Blind Forest. We suggest that you first play the original to understand the mechanics and the story prior to playing.

The game has been repeatedly praised to time for its stunning graphics and well-crafted combat mechanics, captivating storyline, and intriguing exploratory elements. The music itself can test your upgraded audio OLED console to the examination. The game could cause tears by the final, so don’t think we weren’t warning you.


A book that is based on the golden period in animation Cuphead revives the old rubber hose-based animation that was popular during the 1930s, and went on to become popular for consoles of today. You assume the role of Cuphead while you and your friend Mugman struggle through various levels and boss fights to pay back your debt to the Devil.

Although the game appears easy, however, the level of difficulty is quite high. Because it is based on an idea of run and gun that has constant boss battles you’ll be in a battle for life. While your screen becomes chaotic with all sorts of motion keep your eyes on the prize!

To Conclude

Here you go! A selection of games we think look amazing with the Nintendo Switch OLED while showcasing its many capabilities.