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PS5 Background: How To Change Background On PS5

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ps5 background change

Change Background On PS5

The PS5 has a dynamic home screen. This article will show you how change the background on your PS5.

When you choose Spider-Man Miles Morale, you will see a different background screen. The default theme for PS5 is dynamic. This is why you don’t have any options to change it. It will be the most-sold console ever. It will be the last one.

It has many apps and games, and high refresh rates. New users will first change the theme of their PS5UI. Can you change the look of PS5UI with new wallpapers and themes?

It is simple to change the background. This feature supports both the Xbox Series X and the PS4.

How to Change the Themes on PS5

How to download themes for PS5? No way to modify themes on PS5. The default appearance of the PS5 user interface will remain until new themes are introduced by Sony or other developers.

The PS5’s inability to change its theme is strange considering that the latest Sony consoles already had themes. One of the first features the PS3 offered was the ability to create a unique wallpaper. Wallpaper support was only available in later updates.

The method to change your theme is nearly identical for both consoles. Select the theme that you like from the Select Theme screen. You can also choose to change the wallpaper or color.

We believe that the PS5 theme support will be available in a future update. The console can be modified, so there is no reason for the appearance of user interface to be fixed forever. The standard PS5 theme is all you need to do.

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How to Download Themes on PS5

That’s the right answer to your question. PS5 does not currently have any themes. There are no themes currently available on PS5. The integrated funds, which the games have, seem to be an option to the themes. The background of the home screen will change to an image when you highlight a particular game.

If you switch to Bugsnag, you can see Elizabeth Megafig on the Island. Spider-Man Miles Morales’ suit has an image. You can also hear the soundtrack to the game. Once Sony has added them to the PS5, we will update it with a step by step process to change the themes.

How do you get wallpapers on PS5?

It is not possible to alter the themes of the PS5. You will remain stuck with the default user interface until Sony or other developers create new PS5 theme.

Why Should You Change Your PS5’s Background?

The background of the PS5 can be changed according to which tab you’re on and what action you take. If you choose a game, the background of your PS5 will not be the same generic blue.

The default background for the PS5 is dark blue starry. This seems quite simple. There are many reasons to change the background of your PS5 console.

Personalize the Console Background

It’s cool to set your favorite character as your background. Your wallpaper does not have to be . You can add images of people you admire or quotes that inspire to your artwork. It’s a great feature, and it’s very useful.

Increase Visibility Of Icons and Games With A Background That Will Make All Tabs Visible.

PS5’s dynamic theme can be changed depending on the game that you choose . A dark or bright background is possible depending on the game’s overall theme. Visibility is reduced when icons and backgrounds are the same.

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What can you do to change the PS5 homescreen?

To personalize the PS5, there are a few things you can do to the Home screen. Sony has made it easy to change the background. Let’s find out what they are and how we can personalize them.

The Control Center

You can access the control center by pressing the PS button on your controller. It defaults to having a lot of features that you may not use. To hide shortcuts you don’t need to navigate, press the options button on the controller. You can drag the shortcut from one location to another, or make them available at will.

Sort and Filter Games

You aren’t a true gamer if you don’t own a game you bought in an amazing sale or bundle, and you don’t bother installing it or playing it. It’s not nice to have a game on your screen that constantly reminds you how much you paid for it.

The sort and filter options allow you to arrange your games in any order that suits you best. To sort your games based on their most recent purchase date, installed date, and so on, click on the three dots to the left.

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What can you do to make your Ps5 homescreen more appealing?

You can only make modifications to the PS5 homescreen, except for choosing which icons to display on the command center and hiding or sorting games according to filters.

The background image cannot be changed on the homescreen. This feature should be available on the PS5 via updates. Sony is known for surprising its users with incredible console updates. Let’s wait to see if any announcements have been made about the home screen changes.

How to Change the Background of Ps5?

How to Change the Theme and Wallpaper on PS5

  • You can navigate to the settings menu from the main menu.
  • Choose the themes that you would like to use.
  • If you select the Custom option from the Select Theme screen, you can choose a wallpaper image.

How can I change the theme of my PS5?

The PS4 offered a variety of themes that enabled players to customize their console. However, this doesn’t appear to be the case with PS5, as players can’t alter themes on PS5. Even though Sony does have a single theme, the lack of theme support makes it difficult for players to try different consoles.

Customize the PS5 Home Screen!

You can highlight those you want to use and rearrange them. Or even delete some of the ones you don’t want. To avoid all that, you can hold down the PS button longer to go straight to your home screen.


We need to wait and see what the future holds. Also, we should check if Sony’s new console supports custom wallpapers and themes. This article should have provided all the information that you required to understand how you can change the Background on your Ps5. Thank you for reading!