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The AWS DVA-C01 Certification

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DVA-C01 Exam

The AWS DVA-C01 Professional Certification examination tests an individual’s knowledge of the themes platform, both in regards to its state-of-the-art capabilities and how to best utilize these tools to their fullest potential. Written off as a simple application server, AWS’s data plex architecture consists of four components – AWS Web Services, AWS APIs, and AWS DAAS (aws-style) software. The AWS DVA-C01 exam is given after one year of active AWS service provisioning (AWS Certified Specialist status). The exam includes two sections:

AWS DVA-C01 Professional certification verifies proficiency in the following areas: configuration management development, scalability, and disaster recovery. As with any AWS Certifications, AWS DVA-C01 comes with two certifications: a basic certification and an advanced certification. The AWS Technical Account Manager (TAM) is the administrator for AWS DVA-C01 exams. The exam has been designed to be straightforward, yet thorough, and the exam format has been determined through extensive testing and evaluation. The exams aim to provide real-life scenarios that can be directly applied to a real AWS account, as well as allowing IT professionals to showcase their skills and knowledge in a hands-on, real-world situation.

The second section of the AWS DVA-C01 exam involves a hands-on, project-based laboratory where you will be provided a realistic development environment. The lab allows you to work through a series of issues and challenges and develop projects based on your AWS region, AWS platform, and your developer associate certification level. You will be allowed a limited number of mock tests within the lab environment to ensure you are comfortable with the format and pace of the examination. Exams will last approximately three hours and will typically include two sections.

AWS DVA-C01 covers several topics, including understanding how AWS works, how its infrastructure operates, what you need to know for each area of knowledge, how the AWS APIs works, and how to make your jobs with AWS easier. As with all AWS exams, you will be required to answer multiple-choice questions, as well as some clear essay questions. The goal of the AWS Certified Developer Associate (CDCA) test is to show that you understand the key aspects and key points of AWS. You will demonstrate your technical skills by developing and deploying real-world applications using AWS. The exam guarantees part of a certification earned if you pass with a score of 725.

AWS DVA-C01 combines hands-on labs with an exam-like testing format. AWS will provide a DVA-C01 Practice Question set during the first part of the exam, and a real-life, or simulated AWS deployment will occur in the second part. There will be five parts to the AWS DVA-C01. You will start with a brief introduction to AWS and then move through each topic in order, answering the questions associated with each section. The topics are:

While you are testing for AWS certification, you should also keep in mind that the AWS DVA-C01 Exam can help you develop your technical skills. For instance, you can use the AWS Remote Manager to deploy your applications using beanstalk, play around with the command line and read more about the IaaS tools, like Lambda and Zookeeper. AWS will continue to support AWS users with free resources as long as AWS maintains both the AWS DVA-C01 and the AWS Certified Developer Associate Certifications. AWS recommends continuing education as a way to ensure success and marketability in the open-source community.

AWS DVA-C01 has three sections and is divided according to the topic. The first two sections cover how to test for AWS functionality, and how to set up an AWS deployment. The third section goes over the most common AWS use cases and some of the advanced functions used on AWS. The AWS DVA-C01 Exam includes the following topics: Creating an AWS Virtual Private Server, managing AWS resources, understanding scale issues, and AWS regions, handling failure, identifying bottlenecks, using an AWS console, identifying regions and URLs, managing load Balances, managing bandwidth, using an AWS calculator, deploying an AWS application, configuring the Auto Scaling method, and concluding with a detailed walkthrough of the AWS console. When you complete the AWS DVA-C01 Exam, you will be ready to take the AWS Certified Developer Associate (CDA) Exam.

To be a successful AWS DVA-C01 candidate, you must be able to demonstrate skills in at least two of the following areas: application deployment and automation. The AWS application deployment area covers tasks such as creating an AWS application, managing an AWS application, and monitoring AWS application performance. Automation means that you will need to be able to run an AWS application twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The final area of the AWS DVA-C01 exam focuses on topics such as managing AWS resources, understanding AWS region differences and AWS pricing, understanding AWS APIs, using an AWS console, and deploying an AWS application. To successfully pass the AWS DVA-C01 Exam, you must be able to demonstrate the skills needed to successfully implement, manage, and monitor the activities related to all aspects of the AWS environment.

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