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Tcl Tv Black Screen: TCL Roku TV Screen Is Black

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tcl roku tv black screen with sound

What is the cause of TCL TV picture problems?

TCL TV image issues however sound issues could be due to a variety of causes. This includes:

  • An issue with the hardware that is affecting the screen, such as the LED lighting issue
  • An issue with your software could be affecting your smart TV
  • Cable connections that are loose
  • Old firmware
  • HDMI cable problems
  • A TV chip or motherboard that is damaged
  • Defective screen

How can I solve a black screen issue on the TCL Roku television?

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A black screen appearing on your TV could be a hassle. But, many of the reasons are not too serious and can be resolved with easy DIY repairs.

Try these options one at a time until the issue is solved:

1. Reboot your TV

Rebooting is an option that is offered almost all the opportunity as a solution to devices, specifically routers and phones. Although you might think it’s a bit odd, the procedure could work for your television.

Rebooting your device will start the entire hardware and software within your device. This means that any minor issues that may cause the black screen to appear will be corrected so that you can take excellent images once and videos.

To restart the TCL Roku TV you just need to disconnect it from power outlet (without turning off the power) and wait around one minute, and then connect it back to the power outlet and turn it on.

This method will work the majority often, repairing minor issues that affect your television.

2. The factory reset of your TV

Did the reboot fail to worked? It could be that the issue is little more severe such as damaged settings on your TV. In this scenario it is possible to reset the factory settings to assist in fixing the issue.

There are two methods for you to restart your television

  • In the menu for settings

Since it is impossible to navigate the menu without images being displayed the menu, a hard reset is the best option.

  • You can access the back or the side screen of your television (where HDMI and other connector ports are situated).
  • Find the reset button then press the button (you may require an object with sharp edges to do this).
  • Press the button for approximately 12 seconds, then release it (your TV will turn off).
  • Switch on the TV, and then complete the set-up procedure.

When you reset your factory settings the network settings, as well as all other settings and saved information are deleted. This means that you’ll have to create your Roku account over and over once you’re done.

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3. Verify the connections to the cable

An HDMI 2.1 cable

Are you connecting your Roku cable box directly to the TCL TV? A loose cable connection could be the reason for the issue.

HDMI cables are difficult to use if they’re not working properly and you should ensure that they’re not damaged. The power cable that is damaged or loose can also cause issues with your display and causing the problem with your picture.

If your HDMI cable is suspect Consider getting an iVanky braided high speed cable. It will stream HD content with no lag and it’s braided which means there is a low chance of harm to. This cable can be sold through Amazon.

4. Update the firmware of your TV

TCL Roku TVs come with firmware that must be current for the device to work efficiently. So, if you’re experiencing a black screen and sound, it may be due to outdated firmware.

To address the issue:

  • Navigate to the settings menu on your television.
  • Find the update for your system.
  • Choose the update option to upload and then install the newest firmware

The option is now available, but it is only available only if the black screen doesn’t alter the menu. If the menu does not appear it is necessary to contact the customer service department of TCL. They will assist you through the process of identifying and resolve the issue.


Your TCL TV’s screen is black, however the sound is still working What can you do? Disruptions in your enjoyment of your favorite TV shows is a hassle.

Fortunately, by using the solutions above it is possible to solve the majority of problems that cause your screen to turn black.

If the issue persists, the best option is to contact customer service. You can also take your television in to an official TCL repair center to be serviced.


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