October 2, 2022

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Keeping Messages Secure: Is It Needed?

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Message encryption ensures the security of messages meaning that only the intended recipients’ devices would be able to decipher them. Email encryption is crucial particularly when confidential information is being shared. For instance, electronic communication tools such as emails can be used for exchanging confidential details such as contracts, sensitive personal details, business secrets, as well as, sending passwords to recipients. 

There are many apps including Signal and WhatsApp, which facilitate interoperability across a variety of platforms. A messaging app ensures that messages that are sent are encrypted on one end but have to be decrypted on the devices of the intended recipients. 

Did you know that several popular apps such as Snapchat, Skype, and Instagram do not have encryption features? While Facebook Messenger has the choice of enabling confidential message encryption from one end to another, it does not facilitate so by default. 

Message encryption- What it is all about?

The process of data encoding to make sure that messages are inaccessible to or are concealed from unintended or unauthorized users is referred to as message encryption. Message encryption helps in the protection of sensitive data and private details. It can also improve communication security between servers and client apps. 

When messages are encrypted, unauthorized users cannot monitor any text conversation. A good encrypted messaging app usually offers complete encryption even for phone calls made through it. It also provides encryption for files, which are sent through it. 

We are not undermining the importance of issues such as device security and network security at all. However, message encryption is also imperative in several scenarios. 

To maintain message confidentiality- Encryption of your messages is the sole technique that makes sure that only authorized users can read those messages.

Retain genuineness of messages

Encrypting your messages is the only technique to make sure of the identity of all those people you are interacting with.

Challenges before message encryption 

There are some challenges when messages are being encrypted. Let us look at them one by one:

The user should own a device– Encryption typically happens on the device. It also means one should have a device of their own. 

Correspondents are limited– It is possible to only communicate with those people who are using the same messaging app

Learning curve may not be simple- If you wish to use the encryption app properly; you should be familiar with being acquainted with some major encryption concepts. 

A major merit of using one of these apps is their presence on various operating systems and devices. Several of them also come with desktop versions to respond more quickly. However, make sure that the app you are using is updated i.e. you are using the latest version. 

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