November 26, 2022

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If You’re Looking For A Catering Company in Philadelphia, Waterfront Gourmet Is the Ticket

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It seems like nowadays, you need to make some hard compromises across the spectrum of flavor, healthy options and convenience. Especially if we’re talking about caterers, it seems like you either get a really convenient caterer that offers a couple of hot ticket items and can serve them up fast, or you find a niche caterer with a specialized menu that has a waiting list for catering and is highly exclusive. It seems like you have to pick and choose when you’re looking for a caterer and there don’t seem to be any serviceable providers who can bring you fresh, healthy, delicious food and offer you full service at the same time.

There’s no reason you should need to make those compromises when there’s a Catering Company In Philadelphia that offers fresh, healthy, awesome food and couldn’t be easier to work with. If you’re looking for a full-service catering company that offers catering services in Philadelphia to help you with your event planning, then your solution as arrived in the form of Waterfront Gourmet.

Their mission, in their locations and through their catering, is to provide you with fresh, delicious, healthy menu items using sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. If you’re looking for a caterer to bring you a full palate of flavors in even their most basic offerings and help you change up the speed and tone of your corporate catering and other special events, then Waterfront Gourmet is for you.

It all starts with their innovative menu stylings, which cover every base you could need. If you need to cater a breakfast early in the morning, they’ll be ready with breakfast sandwiches, bagels, fruit, freshly brewed coffee and more. If you need to cater a lunch, they’ll provide sandwiches, wraps, paninis, salad and more that all put a little bit of a twist on proven flavors. Even if all you need is a sort of a snack tray, they’re ready with cheese and crackers, vegetable and fruit trays, even hummus trays. For those who are health conscious, they provide vegetarian, vegan and even gluten-free offerings, and are continuously striving to add new and exciting plant-based menu options to their lineup. In each of their menu items, you will find a new and inspiring twist on flavor profiles that are classic and proven, and the result is a new experience for everyone who’s present to savor the flavor.

Choosing Waterfront Gourmet to be your custom catering solution in and around Philadelphia, PA doesn’t end with fresh and exciting flavors – it gets much better than that. Part of the benefit of catering events is the idea that letting someone else do the cooking for you will take some of the travails off of your plate. Not only does Waterfront Gourmet take that burden off of your list, but they will prepare all of your food freshly to order for your events.

And speaking of the fact that they will make it easy on you to plan successful events, how does free delivery sound? That’s right, not only does Waterfront Gourmet supply you with fresh, healthy and delicious offerings every day and prepare them fresh to order, but they’ll even deliver your order free of charge. The same convenience can’t even be had from cooking your own offerings – you’d need to drive to the store to pick up the food at the very least. But with Waterfront Gourmet as your catering company in Philadelphia, they cook everything fresh to order and then deliver it right to you. Convenient, fresh, healthy and flavorful, they’ve got all the bases covered. Take a look at before you cater your next event and see what they can do for you.

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