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How to Solve Epson Error Code 0X10. (Latest Guide)

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Many customers have confirmed experiencing Epson Error Code 0X10 while using their latest Epson printer. However, some users are getting this error code by using an outdated Epson printer. This error code can occur for a variety of reasons. Epson Error Code 0X10 usually means that the printer’s scanner is defective. In the case of an old printer, power surges or normal wear and tear will cause this problem. As a result, you must be mindful of the source of this mistake to attempt to correct it.

Epson Error Code 0X10

Reasons of Epson Error Code 0X10:

  • If the malware affects your computer, then it can have an impact on your PC. It could be one of the reasons why the error took place in the first place.
  • Motor driver failure or CR encoder failure is another main reason for this error.
  • When there is no proper connection of your PC with your Printer can easily cause this issue.
  • If you have purchased a wireless printer, then the PC may not recognize the printer and will display this error.
  • This error may also occur due to the failure of the printer drivers.
  • If your printhead is in bad condition, then a paper jam can cause this issue to occur.
  • Overload in the carriage can cause this error to develop.

If these reasons are not causing this error then there is a chance that the reason may be some internal issue.

Internal issues cannot be fixed by any user and there is a huge need to call the tech experts. Our tech experts are highly professional and equipped with the knowledge to resolve the error.

Solution of Epson Error Code 0X10:-

Solution 1: Physical Inspection:

An obstruction in the scanner area can cause this error.

Lift the lid over the glass, and search for any foreign particle-like pieces of paper with a flashlight.

If you see any, carefully remove it without damaging the surrounding hardware.

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Solution 2: Reset the Printer:

Unplug the power from the printer.

Wait for a few minutes. Now press and hold the Power button on the printer for a minimum of 60 seconds, and keep holding. Now plug the power back into the printer while holding the power button for about 60 seconds more and then check if your problem persists and it shows the same error.

If yes, then you’ll have to claim its warranty. And if it is not in warranty, you can still contact Epson support by going to this link. Enter your printer’s model, and select the exact model from the results.

On the support page for your model, click Contact Support at the bottom. Contact them on the given numbers.

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