August 15, 2022

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How to Recover Corrupted Files from USB Windows 10 – Know Solution

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If you are facing a corrupted files issue then this article is for you. You will get a wholesome answer of how to recover corrupted files from USB Windows 10 without losing data.

Users Queries

I am facing this issue for a couple of hours. I was transferring some pictures from my friend’s Windows 10 system to her USB flash drive when her daughter accidentally removed it. And then I tried to access the USB drive it shows “The volume does not contain a recognized file system.”

I ran the “chkdsk” command too but nothing is working. I tried to recover the files but the file system seems to be damaged.

Can anyone help in this case? I don’t know how to recover corrupted files from USB Windows 10. Because the files I lost are very important and don’t want to format the drive.

I am using a laptop running on Windows 10. I send the media to an 8GB USB stick (FAT 32 file system). Converted (video) to MPG format.

Initially, the contents of the USB stick could not play certain videos and showed signs of corruption by renaming the file and creating a new one. Now the stick is showing signs of damage while it’s still on the laptop as mentioned above.

Sticks and laptops are virus-free. I am looking forward to a solution to fix this problem.
Any help would be appreciated if there was a solution.

USB flash drive is a SanDisk of 4GB for Windows 10 OS.

Files corrupted when copied to flash drive and now it says disk cannot be read and ask to reformat it…
I looked for recovery software to recover files from a corrupted drive in Windows OS, but it isn’t cheap for a student like me.

Do any Windows users have the same experience?

Reasons for Corrupted USB Drive

First, let’s look at the causes of USB data loss. Here are some common causes of corrupted USB drives and data loss.

  1. Windows prompts you to format the USB drive, and you unknowingly click “Yes” on the dialogue box.
  2. Accidentally or carelessly deleting files from USB flash drive and inability to find files in recycle bin or recycle bin.

    Note- Recycle bin holds deleted files of internal hard drives only and that too files deleted from file explorer.

  3. The drive is attacked by a virus, spyware, or malware. And files are hidden or deleted.
  4. The USB drive was not be removed properly from the computer during data transfer and files get corrupted. It also affects the file system of the USB drive.
  5. The file system for the USB drive is marked as a RAW drive.
  6. Faulty USB drive firmware.

Increase Chances of USB Drive Recovery

Get a Professional pen drive deleted file recovery utility. When you know that the USB drive is corrupted, you should stop using it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will only facilitate the overwriting of the data which will recovery impossible tasks to accomplish. USB data recovery has easy to use interface with powerful features. USB data can be recovered in just 4 steps. Follow them to recover data without data loss in their healthy format.

4 Steps – How to recover Corrupted Files from USB Windows 10

  1. Run the SysTools USB deleted data recovery tool on Windows 10 system and attach the drive then click on Refresh View.
  2. Click on the Scan option and let the process complete.
  3. Choose desired files from the recovery panel and click on the Save button.
  4. Choose destination location and click on OK to save the recovered files.

Voila… you have successfully recovered corrupted files. Now you know how to recover corrupted files from USB Windows 10 without losing data.

Optional Method to Recover Corrupted Files

Just follow these simple steps and see if you can recover your data this way.

  1. Open Command Prompt on your Windows system.
  2. In the command prompt, enter chkdsk Z: / f.
    (Where Z is the letter of the damaged USB drive). Then hit on the Enter key.
  3. Recover lost files from the drive using the following command: Attrib -H -R -S / S / D Drive Letter: *.* Restore corrupted USB drive using cmd command prompt.

When the process is finished, all the found deleted files will be saved in the newly created folder on the flash drive. You need to change the extension to be able to use it in your application.

Who Can Use this USB Data Recovery?

  1. Every Windows version users
  2. Users who have a USB drive that has FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT file system of any brand and size
  3. Corrupted USB drive due to Virus infection
  4. Marked as Invalid or RAW USB drive
  5. Files deleted, corrupted, lost, missing, or hidden
  6. And many users who are facing similar issues.

Recover Data From Flash Drives


This article depicts a direct and instant solution for how to recover corrupted files from USB Windows 10. Make sure to follow all the precautionary steps to avoid overwriting to maximize the chances of data recovery using a USB data recovery solution. It is equipped with all the essential features that will benefit all USB drive users.

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