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Ethical Link Building Methods for google SEO in 2020

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This is the digital era. The need for excellent content is on the rise. Optimizing content marketing is a great way to boost your business. Hence Google SEO link building experts are greatly in demand. They provide ethical SEO link building services for digital solutions.

What Is Google SEO Link Building?

A link is like a highway between different websites. It helps users travel around the web, according to their needs and interests. Link building is the effective building of a network of roadways around the web. This increases the authority of any website.

When a backlink makes the user travel to your website from another one with online authority, some potent ‘link juice’ is carried over. This makes Google spiders realize your ‘weight’ in the digital space during the indexing and ranking process. Thus your ranking score for search engine result pages is improved.

Google SEO link building is the top digital marketing solution preferred by any content marketing firm. Google is unarguably the biggest search engine in terms of relevance. Search engine executives around the world recommend link-building as one of the top techniques for Google SEO ranking.

What Are Some Ethical Link Building Methods for Google SEO in 2020?

Google’s algorithm keeps evolving over time. To keep up with the pace, SEO link building services keep updating their methodologies accordingly. Ethical link-building is a top digital marketing solution recommended by Google SEO link building agencies.

Here are the top 4 techniques according to SEO trends 2020

  • Link reclamation coupled with broken link building
  • An improved approach towards Influencer Link Building
  • Focus on original research and 10x content strategy
  • Applying Creative Guest Posting according to trends

Link reclamation refers to adapting a lethal approach towards reclaiming obsolete links that might have existed at some point. This could include pages that do not have a backlink but could have content relevant to your brand. The next step is to approach these publishers and request a link back.

There are various paid SEO tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs that let you extract this information for Google SEO link building. Some tools even let you set up alerts for online mentions. You get this information through email notifications.

Adding this technique with broken link building provides a fresh approach to quality link building for Google SEO. Broken link building is a trusted process of finding broken links to your website and working towards building them back. This coupled with reclamation is a great way to boost SEO; a process adopted by most professional SEO link building services.

Google SEO link building also incorporates the much sought after Influencer marketing techniques. An influencer could be a thought leader, a celebrity or just anyone with lots of followers. These followers form an ardent fan-base which marketers tend to target for brand awareness.

List Of Free High Quality Backlinks For Off-Page SEO Activities

So, because of the boom in social media, influencer marketing has become a top digital solution for quality link building. The idea applied by SEO link building services is to approach bigshots to request a link back in return for remuneration. They use tools like Affluence to identify influencers with websites.

If you have heard of the skyscraper method for link building, the 10x method is even more potent. This Google SEO link building technique is completely white hat and ethical to the tee. 10x literally means making your content 10 times better than any existing content.

This is secured by aggressively following content trends and applying them with all might. Professional SEO link building services often have the resources to generate this kind of top-notch content. Therefore, they can afford to conduct 100% original research before crafting the content.

Lastly, guest posts have long been popular with Google SEO link building agencies as the most ethical of SEO techniques. This method has been around for a while, used as a top digital marketing solution for quality link building. This is one of the simplest techniques for Google SEO link building and great for beginner level SEO executives to start their marketing journey.

You simply reach out to another blogger and create a healthy stream of backlinks to and fro which are mutually beneficial. But this is 2020, and Google’s changed rules for link building are keen on picking up bad links. Make sure you don’t create unnecessarily spammy backlinks which can result in harmful penalties from Google.


Google SEO link building is a complex and time-consuming process. Always avail premium SEO link building services to incorporate ethical marketing techniques in your SEO campaigns. You should be up to date with changing best practices when designing a digital marketing SEO strategy. Only experts with technical SEO experience can achieve results in the burgeoning digital space. Make sure you hire one today!

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