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APEDA virtual fair for Horticulture Products

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APEDA virtual fair for horticulture products

The second Virtual Fair for Agricultural Products (VTF) was conducted by the Export Development Authority of Agricultural and Processed Food Products (APEDA).

In this article we will read about the APEDA Virtual Horticulture Fair

What is Apeda? 

The APEDA Act was formed by the Government of India in December 1985. Among other things, the statutory authority is responsible for the promotion of the export of planned products from India. If a person or firm wants to start an export business, it must be registered with APEDA.

The virtual expo was unlikely to take place physically due to the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, a Virtual Fair for horticultural items was organised by an Export Development Authority (APEDA) for agricultural or processed food items.

What was shown at the horticultural products virtual fair?

The three-day VTF displays exotic flora and fruit made in India by international importers from various locations. On the virtual market, more than 471 exhibitors or exporters presented their products. From 27 May to 29 May, the VTF was available to 543 visitors and importers.

Distributors or exporters showcased their worldwide ready to export fresh veggies, fresh mangoes and other fresh food. The virtual expo was attended by the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Israel, Suriname, Afghanistan, India, Singapore, the United States, and a number of other countries.

Former APEDA Horticulture virtual fair

APEDA staged the opening of the Virtual Trade Fair with more than 404 participants from 10 to 12 March 2021 before. More than 313 enterprises presenting the categories of basmati rice, non-basmati rice, millet, wheat and cereals were presenting their products in 128 exhibitors.

Buyers from around the world appreciated Virtual Trade Fair merchandise.

APEDA Registration and benefits

For APEDA benefits, the export of scheduled goods by agricultural exporters must be APEDA registered. There are major advantages to APEDA Registration. The following are some of the most significant things.

  • Exporters are provided financial assistance, knowledge, and direction on pre-programmed products’ manufacture and export.
  • APEDA Registration offers several training programs to assist businesses to enhance their operations.
  • Registration with APEDA is valid for 5 years and is a one-time registration process.
  • APEDA registration also allows enterprises to market their products.
  • The featured firms of the APEDA export directory simplify the search for new customers.

To know more about APEDA virtual fair for Horticulture Products

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