November 28, 2023

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American Workers Insurance Services, Inc (AWIS) – Making Health and Wellness Choices Easier with Reliable Plans and Support

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It comes as no surprise that injuries and illness are unpredictable and inevitable. We all may need medical care at some point in time and it is better to be prepared early rather than struggling in the end with financial issues. One of the best solutions to be prepared against uncertain health risks is enrolling in a suitable medical plan.

With different types of healthcare programs available, sometimes it might be difficult to make the right selection. Since purchasing a health plan has become an integral part of financial planning these days, I started my research and had a lot of disappointments along the way until I find AWIS Houston. I feel this is one of the agencies that stick to their promises and serve cost-effective plans while improving the well-being of individuals.

Be it critical illness or injury, they have personalized plans for all needs. Over time, I realized medical plans give people a much needed financial backup, especially at times of emergencies. In the further post, I will use my personal experience to give you an in-depth knowledge of medical plans and their benefits.

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My 4 Reasons to Get a Medical Plan

  • Lifestyle Changes: The drastic shift in our lifestyle has made us more prone to a wide range of health problems. Hectic work schedules, bad eating habits, and commuting have increased the chances of health risks.
  • Rising Medical Expenses: With the increased medical costs lately, we may end up spending our savings in case of emergency and this may adversely affect our future expansion plans.
  • Pre- and Post-Hospitalization Expense Coverage: Apart from mainstream medical expenses, the cost of routine tests and preventive care makes it more crucial to get a medical program.
  • Additional Benefits: One also receives coverage of routine checkups, PPO networks, prescription drugs, and overall treatment expenses.

These are the reasons why I decided to be a part of one of the AWIS medical plans so that I can save a lot of money and achieve my medical ambitions in the best possible manner.

How Medical Plans Protects Against Health and Financial Risks?

American Workers Insurance Services, Inc (AWIS) is one of the agencies that always seemed genuine and committed to me. That’s why I enrolled in their ‘Smart Health Series’ plan, designed to fit individuals’ precise needs and interests.

This plan includes the nation’s largest PPO networks, telemedicine services, preventive care, and discounts on a wide range of healthcare requirements. The best part is that it covered all the essential

health benefits I needed to maintain my health and treat illness or accidents. For the last 2 years, it has been protecting me from unexpected and unaffordable medical expenses. I even enjoyed free or low-cost preventive care like screenings and some checkups, even before I met a deductible.

The team always goes the extra mile to make customer experiences valuable and improve their health conditions at a low cost. If I unexpectedly get ill or injured, my health plan is here to help cover those expenses that I certainly can’t afford to pay on my own. I believe it makes more sense to keep financial and health-related decisions ahead of everything to pay for routine and preventive healthcare without any pain.

Overall, I’ve had an amazing experience with them. Each member contributed his best efforts to make my enrollment process as smooth and convenient as possible. All of these healthcare benefits have helped me to save more than $45,000 alone so far. I have no AWIS Houston complaints as they did their work with integrity, understanding, and ethical approach. I am glad that I found their program and would highly recommend this to everyone.

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