October 2, 2022

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More and more marketers are shifting their marketing efforts to digital means, and for good reasons. Digital marketing strategies are more effective and cost-efficient. Moreover, marketers have carte blanche on which online advertising channel can boost their brand. But one digital marketing strategy that proves to be the most affordable with promising results is SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the use of keywords in your content, website, or social media so your channels appear on search engines’ first pages. Ranking on the first page of Google, for instance, is the holy grail of SEO. Through extensive keyword research and techniques, SEO can move mountains for your business. Here are seven reasons why:

1. Affordable

Compared to PPC or Pay Per Click advertising where brands pay a certain amount whenever a user clicks on an ad, SEO is free. This means, marketers don’t have to pay a certain amount when their content shows up on Google. The only time they pay is when they hire the services of experts such as designers or writers.

2. Effective

Although SEO will take time, the results are indeed promising. It will take a few months or even years to gain traction and show up on the first page. This is because brands have to gain credibility in the eyes of users and search engine algorithms. But when they do gain seo ranking, it provides a steady and efficient marketing that can boost their online presence.

3. More conversions

When using the right keywords, your content could show up to prospects who are already interested in your product or service. When they search for something on search engines, that means there is already intent on buying or checking out a particular product or service. SEO experts would want to take that advantage. That’s why extensive keyword research is crucial to know what their target audience is searching for online.

If they integrate the proper keywords, users can see their content and this will result in higher conversions.

4. Improves credibility

Whether you’re a startup or small business struggling to go neck and neck with established competitors, credibility is an ingredient that is key in scaling your brand. Unfortunately, this is an element that startups and small businesses don’t have during the initial stage of their journey. So the more they’re on the first page, the more it increases their credibility.

5. Increases web visits

When your content or website shows up on the first pages, this means, more and more users will click on your website. This increases your website traffic. And in SEO metrics, the higher the web visits, the more the algorithms will see your site as authoritative.

6. Gathers useful data

SEO also allows you to gather useful data through the use of analytics. You can leverage these useful data to create better campaigns next time, which will bring you more traffic, more clicks, and more conversions.

7. Optimizes mobile reach

Consumers are shopping and browsing from their mobile phones. And this trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Since mobile optimization is one of the elements in SEO, brands will reach those audiences who are mobile. This doubles the leads and eventually, double the sales.

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