October 2, 2022

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5 Ways to Improve Your SEO with Web Accessibility

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Search Engine Optimization

Traditional SEO is changing. Nowadays, SEO is becoming more and more customer-centric, too. Google has made great strides in understanding the complexity of user intent that drives search engine queries. Much debate in the SEO industry has been focused on how to achieve content matching with different stages of the user journey. But what if your brand or product is trying to communicate with other types of customers? You need to carefully consider who exactly your customer is and how their motivations may vary from one category to the next.

All these factors will change how you think about your web design and content strategy. This may well provoke you to make a conscious shift away from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach we commonly see in the business. In 2020, it is more important than ever for agencies to listen carefully to their existing customers and understand the user’s behavior on their website and what the current problems are. This will affect your IA, content, and even opening and closing facets – especially if it is an e-commerce site. Whoever is doing search engine optimization work needs to get closer to their analytics and UX teams if they want to maintain and achieve good results.

Website accessibility usually means that everyone can use the website, regardless of their abilities, education, or skills. However, choosing to make your website more accessible is not only a way to serve a larger customer base; if implemented correctly, web accessibility features can also help to promote SEO and improve your website’s organic search rankings.

Here we have discussed five ways web accessibility benefits SEO in digital marketing. You can consult the best web development company that builds a website offering SEO services or internet marketing services.   

1. Mobile Websites Matter

It is no surprise that content is mostly consumed by mobile devices and has already eclipsed desktop users. As more and more content is generated and shared among mobile users, it’s easy to say that mobile accessibility is as important as desktop accessibility, and testing only the latter will inadvertently harm your SEO.

Without the need for third-party assistive technology, the text size can be adjusted up to 200%. If the user is visually impaired and cannot read a copy of your website, you can bet that they’ll likely leave without converting. For people with low vision or color blindness, the proper color contrast ratio is important.

2. Easy & Consistent Navigation

In today’s digital era, the importance of user experience and ease of use may not be enough, and having a disability does not mean that analyzing a website has to be difficult or exclusionary. For example, websites should be navigable using only keyboards and tab order should be considered. Additionally, you want to make sure that the code has lots of digital landmarks so that users with screen readers and other assistive technology can navigate properly without listening to all the text on the page.

3. Regular Maintenance of Web Accessibility

Staying on top of web accessibility needs more just as much vigilance as other website maintenance – the flow of information should be constant, and unlikely to wane with the appearance of so many content sharing platforms.

4. Unique Page Title & Language

Each page should have a unique descriptive title and HTML code that help to identify the language used. User agents (such as Internet browsers) and other applications (such as screen readers) need this information to accurately understand and communicate the content of the page. This is also important for users who use translation tools. Ideally, international or multilingual users should be able to digest your content without causing unnecessary technical or language barriers.

With the web accessibility features built into the team culture, digital marketing can differentiate it from other content marketers who don’t need to give up practice or invest in company resources for convenience. Hire a reliable SEO Company in India or wherever you live and create a website with SEO features.

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