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Xbox One Won’t Turn On But Beeps : Xbox Beep Solution

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Xbox Beep Solution

My Xbox One is beeping but it never turns on This problem has been reported by many Xbox one users. Users claim that Xbox does not turn on and produces a loud beeping sound. This is very annoying.

If you’re facing the same problem, you’re in the right place. This tutorial will cover all possible solutions to Xbox One not turning on and beeping issue.

What Is The Cause Of The “Xbox One Won’t Turn On But Beeps” Problem?

  • Overheating The Xbox one may not turn on, but it could be causing a problem with the sound. Overheating can occur for many reasons, including if the console is left on all the time, if the ventilation is blocked or the hot air cannot escape the console.
  • Faulty external power supply unit: The issue could also be caused by a faulty power cable or power brick. The power cord can become worn or damaged.
  • Faulty or Corrupted Internal Power Supply Unit: A faulty or corrupted inner power supply unit can cause Xbox One to beep but it won’t make a bigger problem. Overheating can cause damage to the internal power supply unit, which is one of its main components.
  • Any Kind of Liquid on the Motherboard This issue can also be caused by liquids. It is recommended that you check the console’s internal components for any liquids.

These are the most common problems that can affect the Xbox One. The following solutions can be used to fix the problem.

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How To Fix Xbox One That Won’t Turn On But Beeps

Solution 1 – Prevent Overheating

Overheating can lead to this problem and cause damage to the components of your console. It is best not too heat your console. These are the steps to prevent your console from overheating.

  • It is recommended that you turn off the console if it was being used for long periods of time or was in standby mode. This will allow the console to rest and allow the brick and inner components to cool down.
  • You should make sure that the vents do not become blocked by anything and you must clean them regularly to prevent any dust or other debris from getting in.


Solution 2 – Soft Reset

According to players on the game forum, a soft reset is the best solution. Give it a shot and see if it helps. Follow these instructions to soft reset your Xbox console.

  • Unplug the power cable from the Xbox console.
  • To discharge any remaining reserve power, hold down the power button on the console.
  • Now plug the power cord in again. Turn on the console to verify that the problem is solved.


Solution 3 – The Power Cycle

If you are still experiencing the problem, the next step is to turn off the power supply for the Xbox One. Many players found this solution to their problem. Let’s do it. Follow these instructions to power cycle your console:

  • For 10 seconds, turn the console off.
  • Check if the power light from the power block is flickering between orange and white.
  • When the light turns steady on orange, push the power button again to check if the Xbox has turned on.

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Solution 4 – Press the Eject button repeatedly

After plugging in your Xbox, press the Eject button repeatedly 10 to 15 times. Then press the power button.


Solution 5 – Eliminate Liquid from Internal Components

Moisture deposits can occur inside your console if it is kept in a cold room.

The same problem can be caused by a leak in your cooling system. These issues can be fixed by following the steps below.

  • Blot dry the interior of the console using the vents.
  • Flip the console upside-down so that liquid escapes from the vents.
  • Allow the console to dry for between 1 and 2 days, so the internals can naturally dry out.


Solution 6 – Inserting a disc in the Disc Driver for the Xbox

Although it sounds absurd, this trick worked for many people who were able to turn on their Xboxes. You can try inserting a small portion of a disc into the Xbox’s disc drive, then click on the power button. The console will turn on if the disc is still there. Activate Twitch On Your Devices

Solution 7 – Replace Faulty Power Supply Unit (Power Supply Unit).

If none of these fixes work, it could be due to a damaged or defective Power supply unit.

Internal PSU

This component is extremely expensive, and there is no lower-priced alternative on the market. It is best to purchase it from a reputable store and have it installed by a professional technician.

External PSU

It is worth it to buy the original Xbox one power brick with a cord if you have the money. Otherwise, you can use any power brick or cord on the market for Xbox one. My5 TV

Solution 8 – You can try different button variations

Try different buttons if the above methods don’t work.

To reset your Xbox console, you will need to press all three buttons together. It will help you in multiple reasons, and it won’t harm any data stored on the Xbox.

  • For 10 seconds, hold the entire trio of buttons on the console together.
  • After 10 second, release the eject buttons .
  • For an additional 15 seconds, hold the power and synchronize buttons.
  • Now, release them both and power up the Xbox.
  • Hold the Power button and the Sync button until the console turns off.

One of the methods listed above should resolve the Xbox One’s beeps, but not the issue and turn on the Xbox One.

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This concludes our How to fix Xbox One that won’t turn off but beeps article. I trust the solutions in this article will help you solve your problem.