October 2, 2022

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RV Camping Texas Is A Lot of Fun

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Many people have no idea about how to camp. Camping is a fun activity and is a great way to spend time with family and friends. To learn how to camp is simple. First, you need to know your destination and its features. These features include nearby attractions, restaurants, and wildlife. If there have been black bear sightings you may want to avoid it.

Primitive camping is the most enjoyable type of camping if you have kids with you. You can pack your camping gear, load the car and drive down to the destination on the weekend. Make a list of all the essential items you may need and after loading the trunk counter check the same with the list. There are many types of camping and each has its own requirements. For primitive camping, you will need to get a portable generator. Pack food and beverages, first aid kit, mosquito repellents, sleeping bags, lights and fans, coffee pot, tiny stove, and so forth. A high-quality camping tent can make all the difference on your trip.

You can also camp in a camper or a trailer. If that seems rugged, try RV camping. If you do not own an RV rent one out for a few days and take the family out to an enjoyable location for a memorable time. Ask the family if they prefer to camp in a desert or beach or forest woods. In the desert, the heat may be a concern in summers, so plan accordingly. You will need to take a lot of sunscreen and water along to prevent sunburns and dehydration.

In summers beach camping is a better idea. However, the tent stakes may be difficult to put up due to the nature of the sand. Another problem with beach camping is the flying sand that gets into food. So keep the tent closed at all times to keep it free of airborne sand. Take a shovel or a piece of wood with you in case your vehicle gets stuck in deep sand.

Camping in the forest woods allows you to enjoy time on a hammock. To camp at such destinations, you will need bug sprays to keep the biting insects away. Take the dog along so it can keep you safe. Most people who are into primitive camping, beach camping or forest camping take ice boxes along as there is no refrigerator there.

To enjoy the modern comforts while you camp the primitive way, look for a spot that allows for RV camping and also has primitive camping. If you live in Texas, the Bethy Creek Resort located on the banks of Lake Livingston is the right spot for you. They have full hook up for your RV and a primitive camping site where you can gaze at the big Texas stars. The onsite pier can be used for fly fishing or you can take guided fishing tours for a better experience. Catch the Crappie, Catfish, Largemouth Bass and White Bass and cook it for dinner using the on-site barbeque grills. All can dine at the picnic tables and enjoy fresh fish. The free Wi-Fi resort also has boat rentals if you want to discover more of Lake Livingston. When you get exhausted from primitive camping, rent a log cabin or a room in the resort hotel to relax with modern home comforts.

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