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Key steps towards defining the target audience

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The target audience is what you call the target market. You may remember back when studying marketing how companies needed to position their products and brands to the target market by studying the demographics and carrying out market research to see if the product or service was well suited to them.

Hence, in marketing; those who did not study their target audience well were hence bound to fall down to the gallows and end up in the dead end alley. This thus proves the reason that market research is necessary and is imperative to the marketing efforts of brands, businesses and organizations alike.

Is the same approach needed in digital marketing? Yes of course it is needed. No digital product or service will ever be successful unless and until proper research is done about the audience. Yes, the target market in digital marketing is referred to as the target audience.

Suppose you are a budding entrepreneur who has successfully started a good social media agency Toronto, and you are unsure of who the brands should cater to? It is simple, target the target audience accordingly. THis does involve a good amount of market research including audience research. But hey, you are not gonna give up are you? I know you won’t.

Let us now see what a target audience is.

Defining a target audience – is it a good business practice

Defining a target audience is a best practice any business can carry out these days. THe target audience is basically the target market. Defining a target audience is the best practice anyone can do especially when they need others to give them something of value.

That thing of value can be a salary, or an investment, or a monetary amount (money) in exchange for a product or service. Whenever they need something from someone, businesses go through at least more than a few steps in defining a target audience.

Hence, here are some steps helpful in defining a target audience:

How old is the target customer?

Understanding the age of the target customer (existing and prospective) is key to assisting marketers in forecasting the demographic having keen interest in the business, brand or organization or all alike.

Where does the target customer live

Understanding the location of the prospective customer is critical insight. This is something each business (online and offline) should always be aware of so they can better utilize their marketing efforts in sending the right thing to the right customer.

What gender does the audience comprise of?

It should be understood that the audience is often based on gender on the product/service that is being offered (in simple terms, no man would ever wear lipstick), so the business can be kept in a successful manner, and the objectives are achieved effectively and efficiently.

How does the agency promote the product?

How does an agency understand the way to promote a certain product or service (or both) will help them reach their target audience in optimal time and effort. A lot of people need to see the product or service in action repeatedly either through videos or photos before they buy it.

It would be wise for agencies to use networks like YouTube as it is perfect for demonstrating the way the product works and any way to get it fixed. Such mediums should be sued to solve problems.

From which sources does the audience get its information?

Agencies should ensure that they post their products and services on the right platform using the right kind of content. This can help greatly in reaching the target audience easily and effectively.

Which content works best with the audience?

Agencies must ask themselves which kind of content suits the brands best. For instance, short videos are becoming popular when it comes to advertising numerous brands. The marketers there should be sure to make use of the right social media platform for reaching the target audience in the right place and at the right time (local SEO company).


Agency owners should remember to always understand the needs and wants of the target audience (like marketers do) and use a proper call to action to engage with them in the long run.

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