October 2, 2022

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7 Different Ways To Use Tassels In Your Bridal Outfit

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Weddings in India are vibrant and all about fun. It is the perfect occasion to dress up and flaunt our personalities through our outfits. Generally, brides pick lehenga a saree in colour red following the old traditional look but in today’s era where the trend is changing every single minute and new generation brides want to add their touch of uniqueness into their entire wedding look. Either it’s jewellery or the dress pattern or just adding some small details to the outfit, these things really matter and makes you stand out from the crowd of brides getting married. Also, these little details can be really personal such as you can add initials of you and your partner’s name on your wedding lehenga or you can add some quirky and fun elements that define your personality such as drama queen or patakha bride etc.

So, by now you must have got my point. In this article, I’m going to provide you with some ideas to make your wedding outfit uber-cool by adding just some details using tassels, it is so in trend now so I need not explain what it is. It comes in a huge variety, patterns and colours. And it is such a versatile piece to add uniqueness to your bridal outfit. Also, it gives off that bohemian vibe that is perfect for our millennial brides. You can use it in numerous manners to add an oomph factor to your entire look. In this article, you would find every possible way to style the tassels in a very chic and flamboyant way. So, ladies let’s get started!

Different ways to use tassels in your bridal outfit:

1. At the back of the blouse

Image source: Krishna Kurkute ;Dhara Shah

The basic way to add tassels to your wedding outfit is at the back of the blouse. Either as a latkan of the blouse or just adding them in some other blouse designs, tassels make it instantly trendier and pretty. Tasselled lehenga blouse has the power to exemplify your whole wedding lehenga look

2. On the lehenga skirt

Image source: White frog productions

This is a not-so-basic way to add tassels to your wedding outfit. But this way of adding tassels to your lehenga skirt can sure be a sure shot method to turn everyone’s head in awe. And this is the perfect way to add some fun elements for the fun ceremony like mehendi or sangeet or even on haldi ceremony.

3.At front of the blouse

Image source: Ritika Kadam

Do you remember how stunning Kareena Kapoor’s character looks in the front tasselled blouse on her wedding day in the movie “Veere di wedding”? Adding tassels on the front of your blouse is a great way to identify your whole look and do I need to tell you how chic and stylish a tassel blouse looks. If you are willing to add a touch of flamboyance, then ladies this would prove to be your perfect pick.

4.On the footwear

Image source: Papa don’t preach by shubhika

Bridal footwear with tassel detailing sounds great and quirky right! Footwear has the power to make your whole look very well put together and stylish if done right. And adding uniqueness to the look can never be this easy. Just pick footwear having tassels or you can ask the artisans to add it for you or you can even DIY it as per your choice by taking the help of online tutorials.

5. Including it in your jewelry

Image source: Morvi Images ;Baraati Inc.

Want to go for something hatke with your wedding jewellery? Then opt for jewellery that has tassel detailing on it. You can choose to wear tasselled jewellery instead of floral jewellery on your mehendi ceremony to achieve a ravishing and off-beat fun look. Or you can just add it to your kaleeras to make it stand out.

6. Tasselled latkan

Image source:Diksha and Kongposh

One more basic way to add tassels to your wedding outfit is to add them in latkans hanging in the lehenga skirt. And this way completes that missing part in your whole look by adding a playful vibe to it. Also if you want to achieve a bohemian look but still want to look modified then this is it my ladies! Add some tasselled latkans to your lehenga skirt and you are good to nail the wedding game.

7. Dupatta with tassels

Image source: Sabyasachi

One of the most popular ways to include tassels in your wedding outfit is to pick a dupatta that has tassels at its ends. It was a retro fashion that is making a comeback once again. Remember how gracefully Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone had carried the tasselled dupatta on her D-day, you can too do the same with the same amount (or even greater amount) of grace and flamboyant factor.

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