October 2, 2022

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5 Timeless Paint Color Ideas For Homes, Apartments, & Villas In Dubai

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Painting your home is an exciting experience. However, painting it after 6 months does not seem a pocket-friendly deal. Every day new painting trends come into the market. Sometimes we get emotionally attached to a particular color to paint our house.It is always easy to go with the flow but choosing timeless paint colors saves a lot of money.

Find out 5 trend-proof paint color ideas for your home, apartment, and villa. 2Painter is one of the leading painting companies in Dubai that provide professional residential and commercial painting services.

1# White:

This evergreen color is the top pick of homeowners. All shades of White look elegant, classic, and chic. Whether you are living in a two-bedroom apartment or have a big villa, White color seems magical everywhere. White color gives a wider look to your home’s interior and increases the reflection of the sunlight. This color gives you a lot of margins to pair any kind of furniture with it. Hire an expert painter for house painting in Dubai for your home’s makeover.

2# Beige:

If you are searching for a versatile shade, Beige can solve your problem. According to professional painting companies in Dubai, ‘’Beige is the most demanded color by the homeowners.’’ You can choose any cool neutral shade of Beige to give a softer, muted, and sophisticated look to the walls. You can also go for contrasting colors to enhance the outlook of this color. Place charming furniture and decorative items to give a royal look to the area.

3# Gray:

Gray is a symbol of elegance, neutrality, and balance. Although Gray paint colors are quite complex, yet they give a modern look to the room. Usually, steel gray, stone gray, bluish gray, greenish gray, and silver gray shades are preferred by the homeowners. Having all Gray walls can be a bit boring. You can use pop-up colors with Gray to break dullness and darkness.However, avoid using this color in the kids’ room. You can get the best suggestions about house painting in Dubai from 2Painter.

4# Blue:

Blue is a color that never gets older. From kitchen to the bedroom, Blue is the all-time favorite color of the Emirati people. Baby Blue is perfect for living rooms and kids’ rooms. Navy Blue goes with the garage. Aquamarine is best for penthouses. Royal Blue is suitable for your bedroom. You can contrast it with White, Pink, and Mint Green. Always find an expert for villa painting in Dubaito choose the right shade without hesitation.

5# Dark Crimson:

This color gives a dramatic look to the walls. Usually, it is perfect for dining rooms, drawing rooms, and living rooms. The Emirati people are head over heels to paint their villas with Dark Crimson. If you have a large window next to the wall, this color will create a charismatic reflection. Dark Crimson defies the trends and looks appealing over the years. Get the best services for villa painting in Dubai at an affordable price from 2Painter!

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