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Import EML Files Into Outlook With 100% Security

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import EML files into PST

In this article, I am going to introduce both free and automated methods to import EML files into Outlook. It depends on you which method you’d better adopt. According to the Fact, without converting EML files to PST, we can’t import it. First you have to convert the EML files into PST.

Approaches to Import EML Files into Outlook

There is only one approach to import EML files into Outlook- An automated solution. We all know that Outlook only supports PST files. Hence we need to transfer EML files to PST first. There are no free methods for doing this. You need to use the SysTools EML to PST converter tool.

Bonus point –You can download our tool for free and use the demo functions of the tool. Then it will be easy for you to decide to buy our tool. Let me tell you that the demo version has limitations as well. So I strongly recommend that you purchase this tool and take advantage of all of its features.

The Automated Solution is Divided into Two Stages

Stage 1: Import EML files to PST files.

Stage 2: Import PST files into Outlook.

Let’s start each phase step by step:

Stage 1: Import EML Files to PST Files

Step 1: Download and install SysTools EML converter.

Step 2: Choose EML files.Eml file

Step 3: Click on the Export option which is located on the menu bar.

export option

Step 4: Choose the path of the files.


Step 5: Your files will now be exported.


Now follow stage 2 which is the final stage.

Stage 2: Import PST Files into Outlook

 Step 1: Go to Outlook

Step 2: Click on File Option in the menu bar

file option

Step 3: Choose Open & Export then click on Import / Export

open and export

Step 4: Select Import from Another Program or File and click Next.


Step 5: Click Outlook Data Files (.pst).

import pst file

Step 6: Select the PST file path and select the Replace duplicate with imported items option. Then click Next.

Step 7: Select the Account and Filters option (if desired).

select account

Step 8: Finally, click on Finish.

Advantage of Using Systool Software for Import EML Files into Outlook

  1. Your data for all files is safe and nobody can misuse it
  2. Simple  and effective way to go through the process of import EML into Outlook.
  3. More cost effective as compared to other EML to PST converter tools
  4. EML files can be converted to PST, HTML, MSG, MBOX, PDF, NSF
  5. Provides many functions like filtering emails, managing, reducing EML file size, etc.
  6. You can create a separate folder for EML files and other files
  7. This tool is supported on both Windows and Mac.

Ways to View Single Files in Your Outlook

If you only want to view your EML files in Outlook, you can try it by following the steps given below.However, you will not be able to view many files with the following steps because it takes a long time to display and Outlook does not support many EML files for display in Outlook. So the effective method is the automated method that we have discussed above. But if you want to see your single EML file then use this method.

Step 1: Right click on your EML file.

Step 2: Click Open With

Step 3: Click on Outlook Application

Step 4: Let’s take a look at your EML file in Outlook.

Action Point: Choose Outlook as the default application for opening EML files

Still if You Are Confused Which One to Choose?

  • If you are a person who just wants to view your EML files in Outlook. So prefer the free method to do.However, if you want to import EML files into Outlook, use an automated solution to do.

Most Questions Asked by The User.

  1. How to View files in Outlook After Import EML files into Outlook?.
  2. Should I buy a tool to transfer EML files to PST file format?
  3. What kind of data and files can I import EML into Outlook?
  4. What are the reasons EML files won’t import into Outlook without using tools?

Ending Lines-

In this article we saw that there is no easy way to import EML files into Outlook. You need to use SysTools EML to PST converter to import .eml to Outlook.If you are a user who has a single EML file to view, use the free method without wasting your money and time.However, If you are a businessman and co-worker who wants to import files along with attachments into Outlook without data loss, use software to do this. Our software is 100% trustworthy, so you can safely use SysTools software. I have explained all the valuable knowledge to you. I hope this article gives you valuable information on your query.

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