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How To Use Emotes On Twitch

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Twitch Emotes and Twitch overlays are the fun elements one can have in online streaming videos. Emotes customize a channel as well as rewards the subscriber for that very channel. The custom emotes fall under the subscription benefit of an affiliate program or Twitch partnership.

If you have set your heart on getting custom emotes on Twitch you might want to know how to use emotes on Twitch, how to make your own twitch emotes and how to manage subscriber emotes, etc. So without further due let’s proceed to the information below.

How to use emotes on Twitch

Using emotes on Twitch is not a hard process, rather you will find it quite easy once subscribe to a channel. Then, you will get to use emotes of that particular channel.

First, select the smiley emoticon that appears on the chat window. Then click on the emote you want to use.

Now you can send a message with that selected emote.

As you have subscribed to a channel you can use emotes of that channel. In case you are curious to learn how to create custom emotes and you have a channel of your own then you need to go through the following process.

How to make own Twitch emotes

Before you create your own emotes always keep in mind that you cant break the code of conduct in Twitch. Twitch has a list of contents you cannot use and that includes obscene or hateful contents. Moreover, you don’t have the right to use someone’s created design.

To make your own emotes first choose your image and make sure it is transparent png.

You can use any image customizing software you like. There are several such software available. For instance- Paint 3D.

Now, insert the image upon blank canvas and hit the button Magic Select.

In this part, you have cut the image with care to discard the thing you don’t want to stay on the emote. If you want to make it easier then simply use the 1-pixel off-white outline. It Is not a must but a recommendation.

Then hit the button ”Make Sticker” and there you go. After that open New Project and select Canvas. There you have to turn on the transparent Canvas. There, simply add the sticker. Expand it according to the available canvas and Resize the image. Don’t forget to save the image as png every time you resize the image.

Note: You will need images of 3 different sizes namely- 28px X 28px, 56px x 56px, 112px x 112px.

Head to Twitch dashboard and upload your emote. Then jump to the Affiliate setting tab and select Emotes. There upload the emotes in sizes preferred for every tier.

Lastly, hit Save Changes.

Remember, your every upload needs approval from the Twitch platform. Also, you can quest into interesting thematic emotes from the Twitch store.

So, you can use emotes on twitch after following the above process. If you look at it intently, it takes only a few minutes. Hope this article was fruitful enough to solve how to use emotes in Twitch.

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