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The Home Decor Mistakes you didn’t know you were making

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Home Decor Mistakes

Home decor is done by people due to various reasons. Sometimes people do it because they are shifting to a new home or simply because they want to. Now home decor comes with a lot of things to be careful about especially stuff like the placement and the colors etc.
You need to get hold of tips for home decor if you want to avoid mistakes. You don’t want your home to look like a mess, so you have to avoid the mistakes as much as possible when it comes to home decor.

Here are some big mistakes you should avoid while you do home decor:

  • Don’t ever choose a small rug because that looks ugly. Your furniture should sit on the rugs and if it is not so then don’t put that small a rug.
  • The painting should always be according to the most important pieces of furniture. This means that you should not paint the room first but actually put the pieces first and then decide the paint accordingly.
  • Don’t ever put the chandeliers too high. The reason being that if you put them too high the ceiling will light up.
  • If you want to light up the room well and not the ceiling then you should put the chandelier at a proper height.
  • Never put the art work too high and at an appropriate height instead.
  • The reason behind this is that artwork should be at eye level and not too high as that does not look good.
  • Never put curtains that are too short. Curtains should always be long.
  • If the curtains are too short they tend to give an effect of making the wall look short too. This is not okay as you want your walls to look good too.

Some additional home decor mistakes that you can avoid are:

  • Home decor is tricky so avoid put too many throw cushions because if someone had to shit you will have to remove them all for them.
  • Just because the pillows look good on the showroom cushion doesn’t mean that they should look good in your room as well.
  • Don’t ever use a tiny pillow in a big piece of furniture because it will end up not looking good hence it is best that you use the furniture and pillow size accordingly.
  • Even though a lot of people do theme rooms with home decor or wall clocks  you should not do it because people tend to get over it soon.
  • Always go for comfort over style and you don’t want your home to be stylish but actually to be comfortable.
  • Also always think of how you are going to use a certain piece before you agree to purchase it.

Home decor with metal art  can be tricky hence it is best that you don’t trouble yourself much and actually just go with the flow and do things that are right for your choice. Anything will look good if you put your heart and soul to it so go ahead and do it. You want to do what’s best for you and your home.

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