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Is astrology real? Let’s Discuss About It

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It is known that the Sun, Moon, and planets of the solar system move noticeably across the sky against the background of some constellations, which are traditionally called zodiacal. At the same time, some planets move against the background of stars in a complex way, changing the “forward” direction of movement to the “reverse” and thus describing peculiar loops. From day to day, the displacements of the planets are small, but over the weeks and months, the displacements of some of them become significant and quite noticeable.

According to the Ludhiana astrologer ​​astrology is that the position of the planets, the Sun, and the Moon relative to specific constellations at the time of a person’s birth affects his fate. Therefore, analyzing the location of the luminaries at the right moment, we can say a lot about a person, including his character, inclinations, predisposition to certain diseases, etc. Moreover, we can say about the most likely turns of his fate throughout his life. It is believed that each planet, being against the background of one constellation or another, affects fate in a very definite way. The total impact of all the planets under consideration gives a certain result, which can be calculated by an “experienced” astrologer. As for the algorithm for analyzing the location of the luminaries, it appeared a long time ago and has not fundamentally changed over the past two thousand years.

There is a softer version of the concept. The point is that the position of the planets does not affect the fate of a person, but indicates it, just as moving the hands of a clock does not cause evening to come, but reminds of it. However, not all astrologers adhere to this version. Most insist on direct exposure to the luminaries. However, in both cases, it is meant that the Universe is a single self-consistent system and the fates of individual people (and nowadays they talk about the fates of firms, airplanes, cities, countries) are somehow incomprehensibly connected with the movements of heavenly bodies.

The procedure for making astrological forecasts is associated with rather complex mathematical constructions. First of all, it is necessary, of course, to know the position in the starry sky of all the stars, the influence of which is supposed to be taken into account.  Nowadays, there are sophisticated and affordable computer programs that allow in a matter of seconds to determine the positions of the stars in the sky at the right time. This is, so to speak, the astronomical part of forecasting. Next begins the actual astrology. Tarot card Ludhiana is also a part of astrology. It is the reading & practice by which we know the spiritual guidance of any person and advice them for their bright future.

It has long been noticed that five planets visible to the naked eye (without binoculars and telescopes), as well as the Sun and the Moon, do not move at random, but along a certain circle crossing twelve constellations in the sky. Strictly speaking, there are thirteen of them on this circle, but on first consideration, this is not very significant. Since the time of the ancient Greeks, the constellations have been called zodiacal. The names of the constellations mainly denote animals – for example, Aries, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer. The word “zodiac” itself in Greek means “circle of animals”, “animal circle”.

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