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How to Recover Deleted Video Files from Hard Drive – With Four Steps

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Are you looking for a solution that can recover deleted video files from hard drive in its original form? This blog will provide an instant solution to retrieve deleted videos on hard disk. At the end of this blog, you can answer anyone that how to recover deleted video files from hard drive.

User Query 1.
“Hello, I just had a strange accident. A total of about 5.5 TB of backup video files were all lost. Does anyone have a faster and better experience of instant recovery solutions? Commercial/paid programs are fine as long as they can do the job and at least scan the lost files from the HDD really fast. So at least I can look at the number and compare how many videos are recovered. Thanks in advance for the experienced help.”

I am looking for a great program that will help me to recover deleted video files from hard disk that I accidentally deleted a few days ago, preferably a free program, but a trial version is also welcomed. Any Suggestion? The paid version can also be considered if they get the job done.
Irrespective of reasons that deleted, corrupted, damaged videos, you can undoubtedly choose the method explained in this write-up. But before let’s understand the background of what causes deletion of videos.

Reasons for Deleted Videos Files from Hard Drive

  • Malicious software downloads carrying viruses and malware with them.
  • Emptied the Recycle bin without cross-checking the files
  • Deletion using Command Prompt
  • Large-sized files bypassed the Recycle bin
  • Files are deleted using the application

Note – (Recycle Bin only stores deleted files that are deleted from file explorer)

  • Multiple file deletion at the same time skipped recycling bin placement.
  • Unintentionally pressed “shift” key along with delete key while deleting the files.
  • Unintended hard drive format
  • Virus infection via removable storage devices

Restore Deleted Video Files from Hard Drive using Recycle Bin

Windows users can recover deleted videos from the hard drive by following these steps: Let’s have a look.

  • Right-click and select open OR Double-click to open Recycle Bin.
  • Explore the recycle bin folder and choose the files or folder you want to recover.
  • Right-click on the selection and choose the option “Restore” option.
  • This way, you can now easily view all the files in the previous system location. Now you can access them from there.

How to Recover Deleted Video Files from Hard Drive via Data Recovery Software

File History is a complete backup solution for your data if it is configured and performed wisely. It is a simple and useful backup method, and it’s completely free. Windows 10 allows creating a system image backup if you need a full OS state backup.

  • First, open the folder from where your videos have been deleted.
  • Go to the home page and then select the History option.
  • Now click on “Previous” and select the deleted files that you want to restore.
  • Lastly, click “Restore” to return all deleted files to the folder.

Note – This is not an ideal solution for backing up files. Even if you have backed up the system image, you should use create regular backups of your important and crucial files.

Recovery without Data Loss Using Hard Drive Data Recovery Solution

No matter if you deleted videos, audios, photos or documents, etc. SysTools Hard Drive Deleted Video Recovery Utility can recover files of any kind of deleted files from files explorer.
All you need to perform are following four steps:

Step 1. Launch the data recovery utility on the Windows system.
Step 2. Select the hard drive from where videos were deleted. And click on Scan mode to start scanning & recovery from the hard drive.
Step 3. After completion of recovery, simply choose video files and click on the Save button.

Tip – Click on the filter to only preview the video files. All the deleted videos will be shown in red color so that you can easily identify them

Step 4. Now choose the location to save the recovered videos and click on an OK radio button.

That’s right. You have successfully recovered the deleted videos in no time. And knew the easiest method for how to recover deleted video files from hard drive.

End of Discussion

Deleted videos of childhood, or the performance of your kid in the annual function. How to recover deleted video files from hard drive is a question that arises in such cases. No matter which video you deleted you can certainly rely on the SoftwarePro Hard disk data recovery software to accomplish the recovery task.

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