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Get Affordable Commercial LED Lights From Light52.Com

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LED Lights From Light52

Are you trying to find best LED commercial lights? has a variety of LED commercial lights suitable for shop, buildings, plaza, warehouse, garage, hotel, office, malls or condomiums. Lightening plays an impact on the performance of your business. An eye catching lightening attracts customers. These commercial LED lights come in all shapes and sizes.

Buy LED lights online because they are highly energy efficient. Easy installation on ceiling and walls make them super reliable for commercial purposes. The 360 degree illumination power has minimized the amount of required LED lights in a certain area. The life span of LED commercial lights is 112,000 hours to 224,000 hours. All the LED commercial lights are UL and CUL certified for their use in damped locations. These LED lights deliver high efficacy illumination power. Approximately 130 lumens per watt are offered by LED commercial lights. The color rendering index value of LED commercial lights is greater than 85.

Buy commercial lights online because these are made up of high quality steel which is then coated with corrosion resistant paint. Their plug in cord operates on 120 to 227 VAC. The motion sensors eliminate your need to install extra security camera at your work place. LED commercial lights are 100% recyclable and free of all types of chemicals. These light release less amount of heat and due to these features all LED commercial lights are environment friendly.

Buy LED lights online because these are best option for illumination at the area where some kind of UV sensitive material is placed. The outdoor commercial LED lights work efficiently even in extreme cold or hot weather conditions. The better coloring index and automatic turn off and turn on properties are some prominent features of outdoor LED lights.

Following are the common LED commercial lights offered by

  • Security lights
  • LED office lights
  • LED outdoor lamps


Buy commercial lights onlinefor following fantastic benefits:

  • Saves electricity bills by 25%
  • Smooth distribution of light
  • Flickering and glare free
  • Superior performance
  • Higher lumen count
  • No harmful effects on eye
  • Creates no sound
  • Durability
  • Productivity
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting
  • Environment friendly
  • High technology manufacture
  • Economical
  • Easily available
  • High quality
  • Suitable for all locations
  • Available in different styles and colors

Light52 is one of the authentic LED lights distribution companies working in Canada. All the LED lights offered by our company are highly affordable and satisfactory customer service is ensured by our company.  We involve modern techniques and trends for the manufacturing of high quality LED lights. You can get any kind of information about light fixture from us. Our active team members are available 24/7 for you. We also offer quick free delivery services as well.


  • LED residential lights
  • LED under cabinet lights
  • LED commercial lights
  • LED industrial lights
  • LED outdoor lights
  • LED vanity lights
  • LED wall lamps
  • LED chandeliers
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